Saturday, January 31, 2009

Blogger o' the month: Roseworks!

Too often, I miss writing up the featured Etsy Blogger. This is a shame, but it generally stems from my not having the slightest idea what to say about them. Many blogs are just beyond my poor frail dial-up capacity to follow regularly, and many crafts are just beyond my comprehension, and so I end up with posts like "Yay, soaps good!" This does no one any favors.

But this month? This month is Roseworks. Roseworks makes jewelry. Sparkly, sparkly jewelry:

Did you catch those last two?
Yes, that's the Heroes symbol, and Link, video game icon of the dawning of the geek age.

Better yet, those first two very pretty in no way geeky necklaces? Are in honor of Firefly, the Best D--- Show to ever get destroyed by Fox network execs. That is some heavy competition, believe you me.

That's right, Roseworks is a geek! Geeeeek! She reads books with mermaids on the cover and watches cancelled science fiction shows and openly admits it!
Since I do these things too, this is obviously the sign of a great, if occasionally melty, mind.

But she does me one better by turning her geekery into shinies. I have not yet found a way to do this. So I stalk her blog, and wait for inspiration. Roseworks is a chatty beast, perhaps less verbose than me on any specific day, but also more reliable. Get some happy geeky bloggage here:

And more Etsy-specific bloggery over hyar:

Go read!

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year's Bloggy Resolution Time

*sidles back in, catlike, hoping no one has noticed the absence*

I like New Year resolutions. They’re so innocent and hopeful, trotting out there into the wide world all rosy cheeked and soft skinned and ---oh, NO! Look out, resolutions! Real Life has a Gatling that shoots chainsaws! Nooooooo!

Still, it’s early enough in the year that some of my resolutions have not been culled by rapacious reality. Especially since this year, I’m resolving to keep things realistic. All I want for my blog is a couple of posts a week-- that’s all! Well, and I’d like to get a few widgets going. I look at other blogs, they have all these shiny friendly links, and I am bereft. The problem here isn’t so much my own productivity as--
*insert modem noise here*
My connection. I look with envy at people who blithely embed images and video; even my old daily sketches aren’t currently practical for me, though I don’t intend to let them disappear entirely.

But my Etsy shop is the focus of my real work this year. If I have my way--and I often don’t-- I’ll be listing five NEW items every week, and relisting if I can’t do that. Will this help at all, or just give me an annoying number of items to edit for every sale? I do not know. I admit to curiosity-- I’ve never tried advertising! Or really working on the shop! What will happen? I’m all a-tingle with anticipation!

I also admit that this is a selfish and ill-motivated resolution. Right now, despite my low sales and all, I have no way of knowing how well I could actually be doing with the shop; a sale a month seems pretty awesome for how much work I haven’t put into it. I intend to earn the right to say “I’m not a loser! I tried! I’m a FAILURE!”*

And hey, should I prove unable to keep my resolutions right away, there's always lunar new year next month...

*Sure, wild success is also an option, but with much less entertainment potential.