Monday, May 31, 2010

Mondoodle: Goddesses some more

These are probably not going anywhere, at this point-- I'm doing a much bigger and sillier goddess project, now-- but I really like the way the colors on Pele were coming along, and Owl Woman is probably going to make a reappearance, later, so remember that face..

Pele Bathing:

Owl Woman:

Unless of course someone says "oh no, pretty please list that so I can buy it!", because I will not deny my public such.

Also! OWOH packages are all goin' out. Overseas people, if you don't have it by, oh, end of June at the latest? Let me know, something's gone awry.

Also-also, super thanks to those who have kept commenting in this slow era of my blog. Which is K. K, you are wonderful, and your S/M should allow you out of that attic any day now!

Also, if Blogger LETS ME POST* there will be another FAEteam blog post today. So do check back!

* Dear Blogger-- I have Real Internet now, so quit playin', I know dang well it ain't my problem now

Monday, May 24, 2010

Mondoodle: Moonmilk

A bit of silliness inspired by the Fantasy Artists of Etsy Team's Monthly Dare, "Milk Moon".

Somebody asked me in the comments what I do with my sketches and the truth is, in most cases, I forget about 'em. I have more ideas going on at any time than I could possibly polish up. What I put here and on Etsy is about a third of what I actually *do* for various purposes. So by the time I finish the ongoing projects, I've often forgotten all the potential upcoming projects.

Which is why I keep a sketchbook-- it's the closest my hilariously disorganzed artist-brain can come to a day planner. And it means that every now and then, I actually get to come back to a concept and finish it up!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mondoodle: Steampunk Sketches

I must post quickly, ere the internet be denied me again-- stupid phone lines! Stupid storms!--so here, two concept sketches for a steampunk art contest I'm working on, one of a flying medic, one of the burlesque outfit inspired by the medics: