Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WIP: Mega Crazy Hyper Holiday Prep Time!

Let's face it, for the next month, there's only one project that I'm really devoting myself to.

I may have mentioned it in past years, but I adore holiday time. I never feel the least bit obligated to bake and decorate and play holiday songs eight billion times in one month; I love doing these things, that's all. But none of it works without the centerpiece of the whole endeavor...

Seriously, I can't even start to get in the holiday spirit without my tree! And now I can't stop! So this blog may seem a bit...obsessed... for the next couple of weeks. I'll try to keep it shiny for you, at least!

My household has always put up the tree as early as possible in December (this year right on the 1st! Go us!) and takes it New Year's Eve. But I know other people have other traditions. When do you start decorating? Do you use a grown tree or a handcrafted one? When does it come down? And is there a story with that tradition?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Fun Time with A Vengeance!

So, you may wonder what I've been doing lately...

Yeah that's right! I been partying!

Holiday season is gearing up, and around here- with my shop being slow in the holidays and all-- that means nothing but solid party prep for a month. So things will be a little less chatty here than usual.
But from here on in, There Will Be Posts! So if anyone is unbusy enough to check their blogrolls, I'll still be putting up something here to entertain you.  Maybe even sizable posts! Who knows? I don't!

Except I like tomorrow's post. Come see me tomorrow! And dance along with the ladies in their garb!

Friday, December 3, 2010

We Have A Winnah!

Well, two winners, actually!

The bookmarks will go to the lovely fantastical KILA! Yes! I happen to know she runs a very nice Etsy shop, which you should go check out, because she's got all sorts of shiny goodies you're just busting to give someone who's been nice to you.  Kila, I hope my bookmarks somehow carry with them enough time to actually read something in the middle of all your making and doing!

Aaaand the winner of a piece of art from me is-- MERMAIDEN! This was nearly inevitable, Mermaiden  was my single most frequent commenter, and the ONLY person to comment on all the Thursday posts (except Thanksgiving Thursday, and hey, who was online then?!?).   Mermaiden also has an Etsy shop, full of wicked lovely things you do NOT want to give even to dear friends, because you want them for myself. Yourself, I mean.  Yeah.

So in conclusion, yay for both of you, and I'll contacting you by Etsy convo, and I hope everyone goes to these two shops and gives me everything they buy there, because seriously, great shops.

I'll see everyone again on Monday- this blog's going to be a little different during December, but posting will happen!