Friday, September 25, 2009

All About ME! In Watercolor!

The ever fun Etsy Bloggers Team is having another carnival! Unfortunately for me, all the recent carnivals have been photo-based. Now, shop images notwithstanding,I have an innate mistrust of photographs, at least as applied to people. The problem is that people think photographs are accurate, and thus complete. In fact, photographs leave out almost everything important almost every time. I can't get behind the idea that you'll know me better just for seeing a photo.

Also, my camera is broken.

But my scanner works! So, here is collection of things you would never know from a mere photograph:

Notice that you have now also learned that I have abysmal handwriting, and that I am far too trusting of very cheap paper. Try getting THAT from a Polaroid, hah!

Ahem. Off to look at the blogs of people whose cameras have not deserted them.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

And I'm Back!

Well, that little hiatus wound up being longer than expected, thanks to the Magic of Conflu--but now I'm all back and cognizant! Hello to the new people here; let's see if I can't get something interesting up this afternoon!:D

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Away I Go Again!

Another con is coming- one of my favorites, Animefest, in Dallas! If you're going to be there too, come by our table in the dealer's room-- I'll be the woman in top hat and full corset, rejoicing that I don't standout at all!:D

And if you're not going to be at Animefest, and you wonder when I'm actually going to start blogging properly again, then rejoice! For this is my last convention of the year, and after a week to recover, I should be able to properly focus on other things again. Like this blog, which I miss. See you all next week!