Friday, October 31, 2008

Etsybloggers Featured Crafter: Mama's Magic!

I do believe mine is the very last blog to feature Mama's Magic, the very cool maker of baby-safe jewelry (and other things!) but that's on purpose-- a month should be a month, gosh darn it, and it's no fun to have your features all over in the first week! So here you go, Mama!

Now, before I get going, I should mention that Mama's Magic is actually a sister shop to Baby Friendly Beads. And I like BFBeads, with its very neat necklaces. Pieces like Planet Baby and Clarity would look good on anyone, and be a standout piece in the too-often rumpled and food-covered wardrobe of early motherhood (hey, I don't have children, but I know those who do!). But I don't have babies, and after the Summer of the Child on Etsy, I'm a bit tired of childcare specialties, so let' go back over to Mama's Magic, where the Mama goes to party while the baby stays at home!

What I really like about Mama's is the asymmetric theme paired earrings. It seems like such an obvious idea, but I see it very rarely. But check out this filigree fairy tale:
Or this take on an old quote:
And the standout diva of the shop, perfect for any knitter, crochet queen, or other yarn crafter:

The artist of the hour calls them fraternal earrings, and I can only hope she makes more such twins. Go look! But do it soon, because I suspect these earrings will soon be gone into a certain bug's gifting stash.


And that is all I have to say today.:)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Vote Etsy Texas 10- 08!

While I have your attention...

Remember that War of the Worlds pic of mine? It's in a contest! In fact, it was gfor a contest, hosted by my Etsy Texas team! And it's not even close to the coolest thing there. So go, check it out, and vote vote vote! One of these links will work for you:
Firefox users (and everybody else)

Explorer Users:

The contest is running until this Thursday, the anniversary of that grand panicmaking Welles broadcast. So vote early! But not often.

Daily Sketch: Happy Birthday Hookahfied!

Mannie, one of my most constant commenters, is having a birthday! It’s one of the big ones, too. Happy 21! Don’t get too used to booze, it’s not really worth the trouble!

Anyway, she’s had me thinking over Alice in Wonderland pics. I’ve already mentioned, in my Agnes sketch, that I don’t feel entirely comfortable drawing work that has an “official”, distinctive look to it--especially if it’s a look that I like. Well, shoot, nothing is more distinctively illustrated than Alice-- Tenniel’s gorgeous detailed work. Ya’ll’ve seen my work; I’m not going to slag on myself here, because that would be daft, and I’m not ashamed of my stuff. But not only am I not in Tenniel’s league; I’m not even in his game. I’m doing freeform dives, and he did kung fu. Frigging impossible.

And I grew up with that stuff. It would be impossible for me to forget his interpretation of the story. Even the *Disney Animators* drew off his basic ideas, and they were a whole studio!

But I’m trying anyway. And I’m enjoying it, I must say. I like my Alice, she’s mine, and I’m having fun with the various rabbits. But there is no Cat but Tenniel’s for me, I fear.

More Alice later, I'm sure.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Yes In Fact I Have Fallen Off the Face of the Earth

Well, I've fallen ONTO the face of the earth a whole lot this week, anyhow.

Hate to be revealing my super crafter secrets here, but this is a regular part of my schedule-days or weeks where my brains operate just well enough to propel me through the day, but not enough to let me do anything that requires actual thinking. I expect this post to show up drowning in typos. In which case, oh well, can't tell right now. Lo, it is one of those weeks. I blame winter.

You know how not-smart I am right now? I just posted a print in my Etsy store with ONE line of description. I mean, I'll fix it later, but geez. Breaks my heart, but I had to do it. For reasons I cannot understand at the moment, but I left myself a note, so there it is.

So: I will make up my sketches, update the site, whatever, very soon. For now I'm going to go read about raising chickens. Hey, if anyone has exciting chicken anecdotes or advice for a potential chicken-owner, I'd love to hear them, too!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Daily Sketch: Bikegirl

*Squeaks in*

Yeah, I know, I'm gonna have to change the idea if I don't catch up...but I still want to post daily! Dial up is not my fault! Obama, he'll give me high speed access so I can update regularly!
F'serious. He said so. I am SO open to candidate internet bribes. I would watch American Idol if it meant I could have high speed internet access.

Anyway off the political, into the odd:

The original was hand-drawn, but I traced over it and colored it with the tablet. Still not entirely comfortable with my linework there. I want to be good enough I can comic with the thing, but that may be a ways off...what do ya'll think?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Daily Sketch: More Aesir!

I've got a secret!

But today's sketch ain't it. Anyone who hasn't figured out by now that the Norse myths are my personal brain candy must be new. Hi, new people!

Ok, free guessing time before I start prattling on about my pet pantheon. Can you tell who any of these are?

Well, don't feel bad if you can't, they aren't anywhere near done in this mode. Heck, I'll probably redo them in a different brown tonight. I love my Photoshop! ANyway, from left to right:

Odin, grand high poobah. Did you know most of what we know about Norse mythology comes from Odin? No, really! The Edda is pretty much Odin being asked questions by some mortal, calling the mortal an idiot for not knowing, and then telling him the answers anyway. Good for Odin.
Then again, Odin is the All-Father, the original prnakster, the guy who was messing with heads even before Loki came on the scene. And this mortal is pretty clearly easy to rook. And you remember how your dad (or uncle, or older brother) would answer your questions about the way the world worked? How you always had to double-check with Mom, to make sure you weren't walking around telling your classmates that clouds moved by solar wind.
So yeah, if you believe Odin at face value, we're all animated trees living on a dead eyebrow. Of a giant who was created by the friction on a cow tongue. Methinks the Edda amounts to All-Dad pulling our collective leg. He always did like humans to figure things out for themselves-one of many reasons he's my favorite divine patriarch.

Balder, The One Who Dies. Despite his near-total lack of presence in the myths, I really like Balder. He's the mellow god in a pantheon that otherwise gives us, well, Thor. Pretty, gentle, total Mama's boy, and yet the one god without whom the whole cosmos goes to pot. Such a weird dichotomy for a myth cycle otherwise dripping with testosterone.
Oh, also, while everyone rightly blames Loki for orchestrating the whole thing, Balder was actually killed by his blind brother Hod. Disabled doesn't mean unable!

Skaad! Or Skade, or whatever; look, it was an oral tradition, standardized names are kind of optional. Skaad rocks! Goddess of the hunt, mountains, and skiing. Former giantess of skiing, hunting, etc. Like Artemis, but with none of the creepy virgin obsessions. No weird untouchable feeeeemale myyyysteries, either. You could totally hang out with Skaad, go skiing, have a brew, whatever. She married into godhood, as a lot of the Aesir did. None of that Greek my-father'-wife-is-my-sister-is-my-cousin-is-my-daughter Greek nonsense. Things were confusing enough. See the next guy.

Heimdall, famous for his gold teeth, centuries before that was popular thing. Or indeed, possible. Slightly less famous for having nine mothers. Now, there are a lot of supernatural beings who claim multiple fathers, because it'sm hard to figure out exactly how a man contributes to child bearing, without microscopes and such. But multiple mothers are a big more problematic. Did they each bear a part of him, and assemble him after birth? Did they pass him from one womb to the next every month? Were the moms, who were sisters, just covering for each other in their out-of-wedlock circumstances, and making sure none of them got ostracized from the family? So many options, when you've already decided logic need not apply!
Anyway, Heimdall was sort of Loki's arch enemy, in the way those kids who always ratted each other to the teacher wee arch enemies. It was complicated and dumb, and like most of the non-mothering weirdnesses in the myths, pretty well Loki's fault. Heimdall was guardian of the bridge. He had a really long horn. Women went crazy for him. He always says it's because of the teeth.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Daily Sketch: Fitcher's Bird 1

Something a bit Grimmer, now, in keeping with the season:

There's a whole slew of Robber Bridegroom stories. The one you probably know is Bluebeard, but they're all pretty close in structure. Innocent young girl is betrothed to older man with some distinctive feature; man turns out to be a mass murderer/serial killer/robber; young girl escapes by her wits, the aid of other women, or sheer luck.

I've always liked Fitcher's Bird for a couple of reasons. One, the girl in question has brothers who are on her side and against the groom from the start; two, the way she escapes, which is distinctive.

There's at least a couple more pics comins for this story, but here's the first! He's a creepy old guy.

Today I'm off to Maker Faire! So I'll be quiet this afternoon. But I'll be reading the comments then!

Monkey Business!

You may have noticed a new graphic on my site. You may be wondering what is up with those charming monkeys-- is there some sort of contest going on? They don't look like my work!

And indeed they're not, but to find out what is going on, you'll have to click the graphic! Here's a hint: it involves free stuff!

And it's got me in a monkey kind of mood. So this Friday Five, here's some of our kin, and theirs:

Fellow Big Damn Crafter and all around cool person Gypsyharte has an unfamiliar face-- a non-ringtailed lemur! Good for her! Check it out:

LJGrove can't resist the ring-tailed troopers, though. Heck, neither can I:

MP Sockmonkey captures a side of baboons rarely seen--all of them!

I love the way the beads on this Frogbag bottle look like seeds-but I'm sold on the snow monkeys!

Want more monkeys? Brandee2006 has all you need:

Go ape!

Daily Sketch: Dentist!

Gyah, missed yesterday! Hope I didn't worry anyone too much.

I'll catch up later, but here's the sketch for today:

I have a peculiar affection for dentists. Their work is so straightforward, like a sort of medical carpentry. And I like the little birds that dentist* in the mouths of giant (relative to them) monsters.

Hence, this picture, which is about half- done.

*In English, any noun can verb. Try it!

The lovely MVincent- Mannie of Mannie's Mandibles has tagged me once more! Hurrah! In keeping with today's sketch, I'll make mine medical:

1. I had reverse headgear and a palate spreader for three years. Right in the awkward tween years. Gangly, uncoordinated, shooting people with rubber bands when they broke off my sharp metal chin-prongs. constantly drooling-- oh yeah, I was a charmer. I knew I could never believe anything my mom said when she insisted I was *still* an attractive child. Love you mom, but you were lyyyying! Or possibly insane.

2. I wanted to be a surgeon when I was a teenager. I still would like to be able to do that, but it's not a physical possibity ("I shoot with this hand"-watch Blazing Saddles, you'll get what I mean).

3. Relevant to #2, I have dissected:
two fetal pigs
3 frogs
a cat
2 rats

All before my junior year of high school. I do in fact know where the spleen is and what it should look like.

4. I have never broken a bone. I have dislocated every single joint in my body at some point, with the possible exception of the cranial suture (the joint in the top of the skull).

5. I can usually reset any joint I happen to dislocate, except my ribs. Anyone with good tips on self-manipulating their ribcage, there's a population of EDSers waiting to give you a prize.

6. I am missing a tooth. This is not because of poor hygiene, or even my usual native weak enamel, but because the tooth just failed to show up after its original baby version disappeared.

7. I have been stung by bees, wasps, and scorpions several times, and it just gives me a bit of a buzz and makes me giggly. But booze makes me pass right the heck out; I can't even drink enough to get a hangover. I have no idea why this is, since biochemistry is not my thing. But as alcohol is easier to avoid than scorpions in my life, I'll take it!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Daily Sketch: War of the Worlds

Trying hard to make green look alien in this one:

This is the rough for my month's Etsy TX challenge. For October, we're doing War of the Worlds! Is that not aggressively awesome? I may do multiple pictures.
If you don't know the plot of WotW, I...I don't know what to say. Read a book! Wells may have been an amazingly sexist historical idiot, but he could write him some yarns.

This one is nowhere near done, but it's probably destined for printworld. I've not printed any of these massively colored pics yet. Wonder what paper will serve it best?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Daily Sketches: Brown

More bookmarks. These are going up in the shop VERY soon, so I'm not going to talk too much about them here. But they will be listed with ample verbiage*. Can you guess who they are without reading the descriptions?

Ok, a little verbiage, because I love these stories and will not stop talking about them ever.

First up, Sif, who you may recognize. Today she's working the wheat-braids. I've written about her before, and she will no doubt be appearing again.

Frigga, whose name makes SUCH a good oath. The other all-seeing member of the Norse pantheon, because she was Odin's wife, and a sensible husband doesn't keep things from his wife. Kept the keys to the home. Known for thinking circles around her husband. Depending on your mythteller, Frigga kept the women's equivalent of Valhalla, for women who died in childbirth or other dangerous womanly affairs.And man, I could go on for hours about the position of women in Norse society.

I could! Someone just dare to ask!

Loki, who provided the impetus for most of the stories, and who was a big ol' girl. At least once. Maybe more often. It's stressed that he was very attractive, like a dancing flame is attractive. Liked messing with Thor's mind, as though that were somehow difficult.

Freya, goddess of beauty and...well, beauty.And fertility, since it is amazing how often the one leads to another. Didn't really have to do anything else. But Norse goddesses didn't just sit around and look pretty, so Freya was a single mom of a great litte girl, and had some of the shiniest jewelry known to man or god, and had suit of falcon feathers that let her turn into a falcon and fly around. And kept a companion hall to Valhalla, for guys who got sick of the fighting and wanted to enjoy some music or something. And had the cat-chariot, which deserves its own picture.

I love the Aesir and will not stop talking about them, evidently.

ANYway, the orginals of these should be in the shop this week. This version, with the computer coloring, soon thereafter.

*Verbiage. NOT "verbage". It should surprise no one that I am defensive and picky about my language.

Daily Sketch: Heavyflight Bookmark

Ok, head still 'splodey. Verbal capacities melting down, unfortunately. But I'm falling behind in sketches, and that cannot be allowed! So, to make up for yesterday, another piece in the purple spectrum:

Unlike most of the sketches, that are pure computer work, this one is colored lineart. And it's already bookmark size! Which means the sepia-ink lineart version is going up in the shop very soon. Perhaps today! If I can get my skull together enough to handle posting.

And for those who've asked: sure, I'll sell print/ACEO/whatever versions of any of the sketches. Just let me know!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Daily Sketch: Sif Stage 1

Head asplody today, so not so much talk. Sorry.

But here's the picture!

I may have mentioned elsewhere that I like drawing long hair. And no one has better hair than Sif! She was one of many Norse godesses of fertility. Her hair was the color of ripening wheat, and its lenght and health reflected and possibly shaped the prosperity of the fields on Earth.

I am not so fond of the color yellow, but I am going to be drawing Sif a LOT, just based on past experience. Oh yeah.

Ooh, and also! She was Thor's wife, which means she must have had endless entertainment. This was a guy who could be made to drink seawater with the old "bet you can't!" line of reasoning. I tend to believe the only reason Sif didn't run around causing just as much trouble as Loki was because she had Thor right there to mess with. Well, and two little kids. That probably took up some time.

Man, I love Norse myths.

Not chatty today, oh no..

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Purple Fish

Not too much chat this time, kiddoes, because I have about fifty metric tons of stuff to get ready today. But here the sketch o' the day! Note: Actual fish not visible in this picture

One of my lovely commenter types suggested I do a new color every day, and so I shall! For a bit. Then I think I'm moving into complimentary colors. I said in the Blue Line I'd be practicing very basic stuff...

I'm not sure if the snake here is menacing, guarding, or just watching the fishermen with reptilian disinterest. I like to think that I'm not playing with perspective, and it is in fact a GIANT snake, watching over the little people with whom it shares a symbiotic relationship. It keeps away predators; they groom it and share their food and help it shed its skin.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Day Jobs, the Having Of

It feels...weird to be posting without a sketch. How will I function without artsy goodness to hide behind? Oh, wait, I have a meme. Day saved. Thanks, Etsy Bloggers!

Regular readers of this blog (all four of you) may have noticed a seeming discrepancy in my daily narrative. How can I be seriously disabled and still talk about my day job? That, I can answer in one word:


Ok, it's not exactly nepotism; I got my job on the strength of my training, on my qualifications, on the basis of total inability to work more than 10 hours a week outside the home!

I did find out about it from my mom, though.

And she has since been promoted to be my direct supervisor.


My actual supposed job is testing center assistant. Basically, I proctor at the local community college. When I found out about the job, the office was *almost* fully staffed. They needed another person oh, about 10 hours a week. Weird hours, but not impossible ones.

Turns out it is near impossible to find a person with at least an associates' degree, willing to work 10 hours a week with no real hope of more, with no conflicting schedule requirements, who isn't a student.

Unless you're willing to work blue.

Blue badge, I mean- the color of "handicap" in the US. You'll see it at all the parking spaces up near the front, where, believe me, you want us spazzy crippled types to go.

Employers, even of hourlies, often don't consider people with noticeable disabilities. Let me tell you, employers, especially of hourlies, you are missing a gold mine. We're desperate like few legal citizens are: desperate to prove what we can do, desperate to have even a little income, desperate to feel part of the community, desperate to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE BEFORE I SNAP AND PAINT THE WALLS WITH MUSTARD.

Seriously, it had been two years. I was going all Charlotte Perkins Gilmore. I needed that job. Not the money, though I won't lie, the money is nice to have-- I needed a JOB. And my boss needed someone to work 10 hours a week without being bitter.

Bitter? The job is pretty much Stuff I Love. I have a high-speed internet connected computer, get to see a few dozen people in the day,most of whom I chat with, and spend the rest of the time yakking with my mother or my coworkers. It's pretty darn awesome.

Of course there are some rough times, especially at the end of the semester. We get very busy then, and being very busy is hard on my fizzing brain. And easy job or no, my brain is a pile of electrified pudding, and holding it together enough to be in public wears me out. I miss work sometimes, and I miss work sincerely when that happens. No one could be happier to have a clerical job.

I'm the sort of artist who needs a day job; the forced artistic down time and change of scenery makes creating easier later, and encourages me to structure my time. And I'm the sort of worker who needs a lot of time at home, lest I be taken to the ER. So here's to making a living, and the things we need to live; may they overlap as often as possible!

Round Up

It's a hard life, on the slime trail. A shellrider has to keep the ornery snails a'movin', or they'll dry out and just stick where they sit. The longhorn beetles ain't ever much inclined to cooperate, either, and if they figure out the ride's only half armored there's no stopping the havoc. But there's no life like it, travelling free under the grass-colored sky, getting the clattering herds to safe ground before the cold weather's the best feeling in the world.

Now crossing the salt flats, that's a whole new story...

Further attempts in getting a painterly effect with Photoshop. I love the way this came out, really, but I could just be fooling myself with all the green. You know what would be be cool? A book of really good bug illustrations. Like Audobon for bugs. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Snake Dance

The Minoans, the Cretans, the original residents of the Greek islands, had a rather more openminded view of whole snake-woman-oracle thing. And rather more open tops. Not much is known about them, because the victors write the history books...but the latter day Greeks were shocked, SHOCKED by the way those horrible primitives let their women move around and speak and act like PEOPLE. Surely immoral!

I don't know, I've seen the art. I know where I'd rather live. Especially since they apparently also had rodeos! Yeehaw!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Daily Sketch #8:Pythia

The Pythia was sacred, the Pythia was touched by the divine, the Pythia spent days hallucinating under the influence of burned leaves and natural gas.


The ancient Greeks took their land from a people who regarded snakes as sacred, at least sometimes. They also believed women could be sacred, at least sometimes.

The ancient Greeks had no particular feelings about snakes. And they certainly didn't regard women as divine-- women were the babymaking home appliance centers of their world! But when they found the seat of the Delphic Oracle, they knew there was strong magic at work. It's best not to mess with that stuff. So they redubbed it after Apollo, slapped some bay leaves on the proceedings, and left a woman, the Pythia, to interpret the oracle.

This was not fun for her, and she was still a woman, so they also left some men to interpret her.

Being touched by the divine is rarely *fun*.

Daily Sketch #6: Licky

Not a scary piece today, unless you have a galloping phobia of being licked by some sort of two-legged dino-cow.

This is me rather obnoxiously playing with brushes (check out that background! Computeriffic!), but I like the shading I'm starting to get. I'd been really missing the softness of my watercolors, and I feel like I'm beginning to approach it again. The secret appears to be messin' with brush opacity. Ruby, you were missing the brushes too-- what do you think?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Daily Sketch # 6

It's only 11 in Central Texas! I'm not behind!

I love sphinxes. There's just a wonderful air of respect and dignity and mystery about them. Someday I shall do a proper painting of one, with all the golden peace of its Middle Eastern origins, and the textures done up proper.

Until then, you get this, the Very Nearly The Riddle of the Sphinx::

She had to be in Greece by 10 am, and she was fresh out of riddles. It was the age of Heroes, and the oldest ones in the book hadn't been written- there wasn't even a book! But silly.

Monday, Monday, Monday

For those who don't know, my beloved Texas Crafters Team celebrates every Monday with some sort of promotional event. First Mondays are a big sale!

I'm offering free shipping until 1 am Eastern/Midnight Central-- see what my neighbors* are doing over here:

*Standard Disclaimer: Neighbors here merely means fellow Texans. I have never met most of them; many are several days of hard driving away.

Unlike my actual neighbors, who are merely twenty minutes away.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sketch # 5: Agnes and Vlad

Time for the Octobery stuff! And what could be more in season than a witch and vampire?

Inspired when someone wanted Discworld fanart, and I had to face the realization that I have never drawn anything Discworld. I've always been so satisfied with the Paul Kidby stuff, I figured anything I drew would be trying too hard to ape his designs (or orang them, I guess), so I never tried.

But I've never seen him do Agnes, so I was free! Bwahaha!

I love Agnes. She is an honest to goodness FAT female hero. Not plump, or overweight, or buxom and insecure. FAT, specified several times. And it actually affects the way people treat her, and the way she sees herself. She's not a Catchy-style weight-obsessed idiot, it's just a part of her life, like being tall or having a broken tooth. And she is a Pratchett hero, of course, so she gets to have all this real life stuff and kick butt at the same time, in very female fashion.

My feelings about Vampires, at least the modern prettified version, are rather different and less positive. But there will be other sketches to discuss that.

If you haven't read the Discworld books, do, right now. They are better than anything else you could be doing with your time.

If you have read them- hey, what do you think?

Friday, October 3, 2008

Daily Sketch #4: Monkey on the Shoulder

Inspired by the tales of teammates whose pets ruin their art, yet are somehow not thrown out into the world.

I say this as my cat gives some painted glass the crazy eye.

A LOT of coloring work on this one. No GOOD coloring work, or details; it's pretty much Paint Bucket Ahoy with a few highlights. I really don't have a feel for coloring in Photoshop yet, not the way I want. It would help if I knew how to make brushes, I'm sure; anyone know a good tutorial?

Yes, I use Photoshop on all these. I need to start playing with Illustrator, too, but I'm gonna need some tutorial time on that. I have a degree in this stuff, but it's been eight years, and I'm a wee bit behind the newest model of the software.

Oh, and a big Welcome! to Ruby-- she's not from Etsy! Let's lure her over with shinies!

Friday Five: Etsy Bloggers!

Well, I missed a Friday! Can you believe, I was actually crafting, doing the three dimensional part of my Etsy business, instead of typing? Scandalous!

Well, more swag should start posting soon. But this week, the Friday Five are back!

It's practically self defense this time-- if the Etsyfriends team is a big enthusiastic party, then the Etsybloggers team is Woodstock. With amps. Broadcasting with lasers. From the moon. Maybe, if I draw their attention here, they won't crush me with the weight of their weekly posts! Witchy! Rose! Eyes here!

Someday, Palleiko Designs will feature something that doesn't make me shiver with wonder and weep with envy. But this is not that thing, being as it appears to be made of clouds and frost:

Nor is this, which appears to be from some lost fantasy world where spirits walk among our jewelry:

Waterrose catches my geeky self on either hand! This ring fits my sci-fi geek side, which squeals that it's even the right kind of blue:

And this one grabs my fantasy lover arm (and of course there is no wrong kind of green!):

Theophany knows what's important. Octopi!
And trees! Green Trees!

If I am very, very nice to the lady Down the Street, do you think she might make me an apron like this?

Or a bag this handy?

Check out the loot in A Keeper's Jackpot:

But not this one, this one's mine...for what should be obvious reasons:

Namely that it's MINE. In theory. Soon as I earn some money, anyway.

On that note, I fly! To work with me! The rest of you, talk amongst yourselves, get a nap, and hug the soft cuddlable creature of your choice. I shall return!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Daily Sketch #3: Princess of Hearts

A work in progress. I'm really enjoying how it's turning out so far (although much creepier than I expected, again-- does the Wacom tablet empower my evil, emo alternate self?). I'm thinking I'll add a bit more detail, especially the whites, with the computer, then print it out and make an altered art print. Wouldn't that be cool? Some gold shine to it, maybe some lace?

Daily Sketch #2: Scarecow!

A more impromptu sketch today, sticking with the spoooky theme. But not for humans, this time.
My family runs cattle on the land where I live.

They are not smart. Nor brave. I have watched them run from the family cat, an animal which weighs roughly as much as one of their hooves.

This would haunt their nightmares, until they forgot and went back to pooping on their calves' heads.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Daily Sketch #1: Skeercrow!

Ok, so I can't post something new everyday on Etsy. But so long as Blogger cooperates, there's no reason I can't have something new everyday here! And as mentioned, I need practice with the Cintiq.

So to kick off October, here's a skeercrow:

Woo, spooky! Not much like me, with the creepy glowing eyes. But I think he's jsut climbing over the fence to help a passing motorist with a flat tire. I mean, I drew him,he can't be *that* spooky.

I really like being able to get the bright color-on-black effect with Photoshop, along with the faded layout drawing-- I always sort of like having the ghost of the layout in my work, I might stick with that.

What do you think?

A Farewell to a Mug

Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to honor a good friend,and a true morning companion: my green mug.

While many such go their way and are forgotten, the green mug was worthy of recognition for its rare near-perfection. It was nigh-spherical and short,fighting off the spills inherent in serving a spastic dope like me. It was lightweight, even when carrying a full complement of liquid. Its wide mouth made it perfect for drinks which took much of their charm from aroma. Its curved sides fit just so into the palm of the hand which owned it. And of course, it was green. Not a solid mass produced green, but a soft melting green that spread across the iridescent surface of the mug like a watercolor wash on a wet page.

Sadly, it betrayed its years of loyal service when, for no apparent reason, it sort of exploded on me while I was adding water for tea.

Only in trying to find a replacement do I realize just how much it will be missed.

Dang it.