Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No Sleep Buzz and a Quiz



For those who don't know (and where have you been? Do you pay any attention to what I write? I might as well not be here for all the attention you're paying!) I'm a Texan. I don't just live in Texas, I belong here. I'm never even a little happy to be elsewhere, and believe me, I have experimented. It's bad for my health. So with all the problems my state has-- and believe me, I know them better than any out-of-state furriner*-- I love it here. Not least because, you know, it's almost Thanksgiving, and I was wearing shorts today. Thanks, tilting global axis!

However, long summers and mellow winters have their drawbacks. And they are buzzing around my head RIGHT NOW, and well, thus this picture.

A quick question, before I go on one last mad bug-killin' spree for the night- does this guy remind ya'll of anyone? Don't worry, there's no right answer, I'm just wondering. Answer and I'll tell you why!

*Why all you out of state people trade in furs is beyond me..oh, that's furrier? Never mind...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I get on these tangents, you know?
I like the basic idea of this one, but need some better unicycle reference before I make it a print. You think?

Soooo much to etsybloggers team is having a big ol' sale this weekend, and I'm putting prints on sale for 5 dollars, so I need to get everything salvageable! But I need new stuff, too, because it seems there are poor souls who don't know how neat turkeys are. That must be corrected! Arrghh... Headless Chicken Party Time!

Hope everyone else is more relaxed, or at least busy with similar happy busyness!

Oh, and have I reminded everyone to check out my shop? Yeah, do that.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Basket Cat

Y'know, for a while, I was drawing huge galloping herds of animals. Then I stopped, and fell out of the habit, and stuff like yesterday happens.

Today's a little better:

Since I apparently decided to stink up a basket weave, instead. But more animal practice is clearly on the horizon for me!

Maybe I'll draw more turkeys. It's my first year hosting the big dinner, so it's sort of on my mind. What's everyone else doing for the holiday?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cat in Green

This year we have a acquired a new cat, and lost my old beloved graukatze. The new cat is not MY cat, and cat people will know what that means, but she is an entertaining wee beastie nonetheless. I expect I will be drawing much feline hijinkery in the months to come, since winter is cat-snuggling time.

I do not look anything like this. But I do have similar clothing, and I wanted to draw a scene instead of just a portrait. It happens.

Cats also do not look anything like this, I am aware. Man, the extent to which I have let my drawing practice lapse...!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Daily Sketch: Unicycle Lass!

True tale, here: When I was in elementary school, there was one girl who had a unicycle. She rode it around like most kids rode bikes, or even more, like most kids walked. She could take it up hills, up STAIRS, across traffic- just utterly assured. And it wasn't a stunt or an attention ploy, just her preferred means of transport. Of course she was my friend, as how could I not be friends with someone that cool?

And yes, she also had a green turtleneck that she wore with uniform regularity.

Also, I need some reference for a unicycle. Clearly, huh?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Absurdity Day: Turkey Hat!

He wasn't sure what the problem was, but he knew there was something on his head. Never mind the way everyone was looking at him, he could feel the extra weight! But he kept going about his business, hopeful that, whatever it was, it would soon go away.

The turkey just figured no one was going to get a better vantage point than this.

Today is Absurdity Day! Apparently. And so there's another absurd Etsy Texas contest, goin' on over hyar:

And this time I'm totally going to say "Vote for me!"! Or, you know, vote for someone else! Because I like that creeepy pinhead, I do....

Monday, November 17, 2008

Daily Sketch:Revenge of MacArthur Park

It was supposed to be a cake. Just a chocolate layer cake. Too late, Susan realized she had misread the recipe. Oh NOOOOOOOOO......

For those who have never heard it, MacArthur Park:The Song, Especially The Richard Harris Version, is one of the most wonderfully horrible songs ever committed to recording media. The performance is..I have no words. The lyrics include a long extended wailing memorial for a cake, and as Dave Barry says, ok, it may be a metaphor, but it is a really STUPID metaphor.

Sorry for my continued sort-of-absence, folks. I am afraid this state of affairs is going to continue for a bit, but at least I will try to keep the sketches going.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Daily Sketch: Not Coming Out Of My Shell

Sorry to disappear some more, folks...but...

Yeah, it's like that.
Our winter weather is finally coming in, and it's got me sort of flattened and intermittently blind. I intend to treat this problem with intense coffee and perhaps a nap.

But I'll be back later with Ren photos! Woohoo!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gibsonton Girl 2: A Leg and A Cat

No time for chit-chat, girls, I'm posting before I head to the Day Job! So let's get this sketch a goin':

Like the Bike Girl before her, this young woman has found a way to make life better through technology. It's not just the walking aroound bit, though she won't lie, that's nice. It's being able to have all sorts of ridiculously intricate shoes all ready to go on interchangeable legs, so all she has to do in the mornings in pop the right pair on her knees.

The cat was born without a tail, and is naturally very envious of other cats. He too is enjoying his mechanical accessory.

Colored and inked on my dear sweet Cintiq.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And There Was Much Rejoicing

I'm back! I had a fantastic time at the fair-- many shows were seen, many pictures taken, much fabulous weather enjoyed. I have achieved Hey It's You status with the Ren crowd- no one exactly knows me, but the regulars all recognize me from somewhere, and worry if they don't see me at least once a season. That's just the level of familiarity I like- recognition with anonymity! Aaah! Oh, and the kids this year--
But this is not the post for Ren stuff, because I am still processing the photos. This post is to welcome the newest addition to my household:

The Curlycue mug!

As longtime readers of this blog will remember, I lost my favorite mug to time and trouble earlier this year. There was great sadness and wailing and gnashing of teeth. Even more so when I went looking for a replacement, and found that green is apparently not a popular mug color, and small elegant cups are apparently a rare commodity anyway.
But lo! Just as I was about to give up, Black Dachsund Potter came to my rescue! Look at that mug! Two glazes, lots of texture, a unique handle that fits just perfectly against my fingers- and you would not believe how lightweight it is. And like all good ceramics, it doesn't flavor my tea. That would be yucky.

What's that? You want a sketch? Demanding crowd!;) I'm still recovering from the fair though (it is possible I had Too Much Fun) so you'll have to settle for this:

A wee witchy who got lost on her way to Halloween. Now I fear she will have to be a November Witch, and those poor lasses get a bad name,all because a few sailors don't know enough to get out of the weather.

I should note that the coloring on this was done with a mouse, while my dear huband has the Cintiq. Hence the sucking.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Well, I had hoped to post up some more sketches, and I can still hope, I guess, but Blogger's been borked since Tuesday. And frankly I've been pretty out of it since Tuesday, what with the celebrating (yes, the Big One! But also my dear local rep got reelected, and I know and like them, so Yaaaay!)

So I'm just posting to say I'll be gone this weekend! Friday I'm heading out to the Texas Renaissance Festival, the biggest and best darn Renfair in these here Yew-nited States. Yeehaw! I'll just be a visitor, of course, because I don't have anything like the sales rep to vend there. Maybe in the next decade.

Stories, sketches and whatnots next week, I pinky-swear promise!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Daily Sketch: Earth Maid

Hey, it's election day! And I am not talking about politics here, because I trust you have already voted and therefor do not need fish mailed to your house at book rate! Be grateful!

Anyway, sketch!

This is one of the reasons I'm so in love with the Cintiq- this piece was drawn on some paper which is very nice to sketch on, but utterly unacceptable either for copying or selling as an original. But I could, and did, scan it and redo it with Ye Cintiq, and I think it's shaping up nicely. Nowhere near done, and I am beginning to suspect myself of some sort of completion issue, but coming along nonetheless.

I should also note that I love drawing unskinny girls.

So, what are ya'll doing? Voting? Good, good...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Daily Sketch: Glenda

Before the sketch, I should note that I am having a shop-wide SALE! Totally free shipping in the US, and half-price shipping internationally! That last makes me nervous, but I'm standing by it. Check out more sales here:

Ok, now to the blather!

When working monochrome, how could I possibly skip Oz? People who only know from the movie don’t know this, but Oz was distinctive for being multiply monochrome. The Munchkin country was all blue, the Winkies were entirely yellow, and the Quadlings, lead by Glenda, were all red.

Glenda was so awesome. I love the movie, I love the music from Wicked (and so wish I didn’t, when it starts circling my head at 3 am…) but I could learn to despise them both for what they’ve done to Glenda. Blonde? Frilly? Giggly? None of that. Glenda throughout the 14 Baum books is dignified, wise, and thoughtful. She always wears very plain gowns, with only one or two plain accessories, like a pendant or circlet. And because she’s a Quadling, she’s RED HAIRED. Argggh! The Oz books didn’t usually get too specific in description, but is one single color per quadrant so blinking hard to remember?

Her magic wand isn‘t the most impressive tool she uses. Her Book is. Glenda’s Book is sort of a printed internet news feed, constantly updated with everything that happens in the world every moment. It’s huge, and dense, and she knows how to find useful information in it. An introverted serious researcher with no interest in glamour, Glenda is the Nerd Witch. She was one of my many heroes in those books, and an essential part of the Oz worldview that power came from knowledge.

Well, and from two X chromosomes. Women rule in Oz. If you haven’t read the books yet, you really should. They are gloriously weird. If you have to ask me who wrote them, I may weep for your childhood.