Monday, September 27, 2010

Mondoodle: Etsy Createability Team

I've got an epic Mondoodle Post coming up for you later today! In the meantime, the wonderful Etsy Createability Team has been debating making up a logo to go along with Etsy's new teams formats. I'm sure it's the wrong size and all, but I couldn't help joining in the fun:

And I've been terribly busy with painting some more big unscannable pieces! Hurrah! But hopefully by Wednesday I'll have some version of them available to show...see you then!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Satter Natter

Blog Buddy Crystal on Bead Happily Ever After asked some entirely reasonable questions, so here we go!

1. What bad habit are you having a hard time breaking?
Procrastination! Or else having so many projects that no matter what I do, I'm putting something off, which LOOKS like procrastination even though I'm always as busy as I can physically be! But I hate being bored, so...

2. What’s the best decision you’ve ever made?
Dialing a phone number ooooone more time.

3. What’s your favorite place for daydreaming?
See that first answer? I can zone out anywhere, anytime, any situation! It's hard to tell over the internet because-- hey, why can't I upload my consciousness into a robot body? Maneuver it like a toy, at a distance? I know there's primitive computer interaction technology and-- ah! The over alarm!

...Everyone will be relieved to know I don't drive.

4. When do you feel most confident?
When I've got a migraine coming on. Pleasant, no! But prodrome brings with it the sort of belligerent certainty that causes great wars and starts new countries, and makes me think that this time I can totally write a novel! Tonight! Of course!

...It'll work someday, goldurn it.

5. How long could you go without talking?
I've got laryngitis, so I guess we're about to find out!

6. What makes you mad without fail?
People telling me what to do with my body. "You should get some sleep, Cara!" "You need to eat more vegetables!" "You should try this medication I never researched that you already tried three years ago at peril of your liver!" Noooo, it's my body! And I'm a big girl! I don't WANT a nap!

See, it's making me mad just thinking about it!

7. Best way to wrap your guy around your little finger?
Give him bacon! Actually, that works on me too...

Now go look at Crystal's blog! It's ever so much more dependable than mine, and full of fun conversation!

Friday Fairy Tale: We All Connect

Since returning from my last con of the season, I've been having trouble with my internet connection. Nothing consistent, just random sudden failure of the connection. It's been baffling. We check every connection, looked at the satellite, ran through all the usual tech support attempts.

We might have gone on forever in frustration. We might have canceled our fast but undependable satellite service, and gone back to the grind of dialup. We might have, but we didn't.

Because one fine bright night, not long ago, a raccoon came scratching at the door. We have an Arrangement with the raccoons; we share food, they patrol the yard for intruders and don't invade our house to steal all our food and download Netflix. So I followed our security bandit out to the fence.

There, stretching in long chirping ladders, was half the frog population of our local pond. At the very top of the chain- at the very top of the transmitter-- was a small cadre of frogs, ribbiting desperately, passing having very frantic frog conversations that they passed down the chain of amphibians.

What, you ask, did frogs want with the internet? I certainly asked. The frogs felt this was rather rude; after all, what did I want with the internet?

They thought my answer was quite dull.


It's true that our transmitter has been blocked by frogs climbing all over it. I suspect this has more to do with the bugs that swarm in the area than some sort of amphibious plot to steal our bandwidth, but you just never know, do you?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

It's officially autumn, and the first real coolish weather has brought in the traditional bucketing rainstorms. Seems like a good time to return from my long and highly unintentional Summer Vacation!

Well, I say vacation. In fact my summer was a wacky adventure full of drama,travel, and some new medication that will hopefully prevent such an inadvertent hiatus again. Just because I haven't been able to write doesn't mean I haven't been busy! In the last three months I've updated my internet connection to oh, 2005 levels, been to three conventions, seen a Japanese Cultural Festival, lost air conditioning not once not twice but three times, painted about eleventy dozen things that are now proving problematic to share, and bought myself a shiny new toy that should make Mondoodle rather more doodley for a while.

And also there have been frogs. How the frogs matter shall be revealed...tomorrow!

So I'm back, I missed you all, and now let's get to the business of pretending I never left!