Monday, July 9, 2012

Monstergirls, day 1 and 2

Some sketches prompted by this list: Day 1:

I like the centaurs best, but everyone else has other opinions! Which is pretty ok, it's nice to be told that sketches I did not like have love somewhere. Snakegirls deserve affection too! Note that the one barely-worked sketch is 'slime'. What's a slimegirl look like?!? Isn't a definitive property of slime that it is amorphous? So many questions! Day 2:

Things that made me deeply uncomfortable about today's list: It called for a succubus. I don't wanna draw sexpot women! That is nothing I'm interested in! Also the idea of sexy women as monsters squicks me out!So I took the Castle Falkenstein notion of Succubi- that they're not actually attractive, but energy feeding fae that make people THINK they're attractive, and they themselves only have a warped idea of what features should be hot, so they're really pretty oogy. Oogy monsters are ok. And yeah, the idea of demon-as-businessperson is not new. When business stops hoggin' all the demontude it'll stop being a popular conceit. Mine has a crab leg! So there's that. No qualms at all about my octogals or my spiderling. I would happily draw variants on that theme all day. Mycota came out pretty well too I guess. I love you, non-sexualized creations! Wave your manyhued limbs in the air! or the water! Whatever!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dailyish Sketch: Mother Nature

...I'm a little confused that I drew this.But I said I'd post my sketches here! I didn't say "if they were nice"!
Uh...Wow, it's kind of grim, for me, isn't it? But I was working off the prompt "Mother Nature", so: beetle wings/shell, earth tones (specifically ochres) on the body, and of course red on the hands and mouth, because yes, she surely is red in tooth and paw.
That's a little wee vertebrate fetus thing, for those wondering.