Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hey Everybody, Look at Me

The lovely Crystal has been sweet enough to give me an interview on her very pretty blog, which I can't figure out how to follow:

So go look, and tell her how much you love me, and how very clever she is to showcase someone so awesome. And see if you can't get on her good side, too, because Crystal is fantastic!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Still Alive, and Posting!

Hey, it's only been nine days since my last post! I am getting less atrociously absent! Go me!
But I am slow indeed these days-- blame it on the summer heat and the internet-killing timesuck that is Con Season-- and know full well I need to get back on the blogging and arting horse. But it is very very hot, and my muse has fallen out of shape. So I'm training her back to fightin' condition with the Index Card project! It's all my own, but you can play along at home! The rules are simple:
* You get 100 index cards.
*You get 5 days to put a picture on every one.
*No subject or media off limits. Nothing is too twee, too weird, too stupid or derivative. The only rule is that each card has to have a bit o' art on it in five days.
* After you've done the pictures- in stages, or in the end-- you have to show them ALL to an audience. Me, I'm putting mine up in my Etsy shop when I'm done, even if I think they do stink.

Which is important, because at twenty pictures a day, they ain't all awesome. Here's a random sampling of what I've managed to do so far:

I may post them all here in time, as this is a better place for feedback than Etsy, really. But not until I'm done!

One of the things I'm enjoying about this is writing down descriptions as I go, which is going to make listing a lot easier.

Now, if I can just get myself blogging regularly...