Sunday, January 30, 2011

Monday Marching Orders! Also: Sketchsplosion!

ETA: The votes are in, and Flying Fish takes the prize! So now I know what I'm doing for the rest of the week! Especially you voters, be sure to show up Monday so you can tell me how I did!

If you voted for one of the other sketches, don't despair! They aren't scuttled, they're just not getting my attention this week. They may return...!

If you've been following this blog for, oh, five minutes or so, you may have noticed that I have a serious case of Attention Deficit Creator Disorder*. Symptoms manifest as a worrying surfeit of ideas and terrifying lack of finished product.

I don't know what causes it in other carriers, but for me it's like being in love with love-- I love getting new ideas! They're so perfect in my head! The first few revisions are fantastic! The layouts start getting serious. Maybe we start talking about how many colors we'll have someday.

And then, well, it starts turning into work. We end up having the same argument over whether the background should be more detailed five times a day, and their brother idea is so much more charming and never asks me to adjust the angle of his arm five degrees, and pretty soon I've abandoned my old idea for a new one.

And this would be fine, since of course ideas can't chuck all your possessions out the window or ruin your reputation in your social circle. But there's always some things that can't be learned outside a serious commitment. Finishing techniques, larger motives, the sheer satisfaction of calling a thing done, not perfectly but finally.

It's time to admit I have a problem. If I could control it myself, I would...but clearly I can't. So I turn to you, Blog Readers of Misty Myth! Every week I'll share a few sketchy ideas with you, like so:

And you tell me which one needs to be made into a finished piece! The final piece will post on Mondays, along with the next week's sketches.

Need incentive? Once a month, a blog-voter will get a postcard, from me, of one of the winning designs! Frankly I adore getting real mail, and I hope you do too. Because I really need some advice! So tell me: what am I drawing this week?

Who Let The New Year In ?!?

What? I'm late to the New Year Resolutions and random January-based productivity binges? Surely not! I mean, looking at the calendar, it's not for another week and--

Oh, that's Chinese New Year.

Oh well, I like Chinese New Year, it's fun. Twice the fireworks, and also dragons! Plus this is the Year of the Rabbit! Rabbits are good. Rabbits are...well, terrifying, actually. I'm with Anya on that one. But let's all pretend that I'm celebrating Chinese New Year nonetheless, and I'm actually a jump ahead on 2011, all right? It would be a big relief for me.

Late or early, though, this blog isn't being neglected! I've been planning all sorts of plans, and I hope you'll be with me in the new year-- however you celebrate it- to help them happen! See you Monday!