Sunday, February 8, 2009

Madness! I have Madness!

My brains are hurting, and my blog has suffered for it. I'm sorry, blog!
But the blogmind is having its revenge through One World One Heart. Have you heard of it? If not, then I am sorry, for lo, I am passing the curse on to you.

OWOH is a massive, massive blog giveaway carnival. I mean 911 blogs massive.

It wasn't that big when I started following it. I saw it linked from some friend-blogs, and thought, oh fun, a giveaway trail! New blogs to read! Shinies to win!

And then the voice at the back of my head, the stupid one, the one that I think must have been a competitve athlete in another game session (a MALE competitive athlete) said: Hey, let's go to every blog on the list!

Have I mentioned lately I have dialup?

Did I point out that there over 900 blogs in this caravan?


But I'm not giving up! I may pass out and forget when I am on a regular basis, but I never give up! I just break down, it's different. And more annoying. Giving up would make more sense. But I'm halfway through, so hopefully I can quit being stubborn soon, and get back to being productive.

I'm posting stuff up on my Etsy site, at least--like for instance the unfinished version of this Cephalady:

to explain why I love the Precious aka my Cintiq 12WX.

See that picture? It's a neat idea, on sketch paper. With cruddy inking. It's the sort of picture that says "look, I had a neat idea!". And with most of my ideas, that's as far as I would ever get, because transferring them to a real media meant either tracing with carbon (at which I am fail) or copying, cleaning up the concept art by hand, laying down a clear medium on a good work surface, and then painting it, and hoping it all came out ok. Just prepping took hours, and I have very few ideas that are THAT good.

But now? Scan, retrace, color, all in one go. Takes..well, embarassingly less time. And there it is, all ready to print and listed up! Go look and see how cool it is now!

Check back later this week, when I explain how to wear a corset! Or something. Now, back to the OWOH...


KARA said...

Wow good for you going to all 900 on dial up - I have barely made 200 of them I think but I have a newborn as an excuse, thanks for popping by my blog you are entered.

Carapace said...

Oh, it's been so much fun going to all the blogs- I've expanded my blogs-and-bookmarks list massively. It's just taking sooooo looong!

Thanks for stopping by my prizeless site! Next year I'm joining in with a vengeance!

TiLT said...

Woo Hoo for the OWOH...I need to put aside a block of time to go thru a bunch...for now I have just been going over to those who took part in mine...yup, I hopped on that caravan :)
so pop over by mine Cara if you get a chance :)

I like your cephalady ...never realized how much has to go into a transfer...makes me glad I do simpler things :)

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I don't think i'm going to get through all of the OWOH blogs - kudos to you if you do! I'd like to - but like you - my brain hurts :(

Sue said...

Oh man, I don't know how you have done it visiting
all 900+ OWOH blogs on dialup! I have highspeed and did work my way through
in 'steps'. What a great event though - saw fantastic art, visited blogs I would never have known about and I've made
some new friends. Brilliant!

Cara, good to see you posting again. I'd like to see where you go with your design!



Nellie's Needles said...

Yes, OWOH is a wild ride! I think I've been to most everyone's blog who's in the caravan. When anyone comments on my blog, I link back to theirs. It's a pleasure to have been introduced to so many that I would never have discovered otherwise.

Thanks for being a follower of mine.

Carapace said...

TiLT, thanks for saying that-I've been drawing and painting and such for so long, I forget not everyone already knows how to do the stuff I do. Hmm. Maybe I have an art tutorial in me after all...

Roseworks- melty brain is part of why I'm doing this, instead of something,you know, productive. Maybe I can think of it as networking...?:P

Barton, you still blogging? You know I want to see more shinies from you, right? :D

I'm in the 700s! Woohoo, I think I might make it!

Carapace said...

Oh Nellie, we crossposted! Didn't mean to ignore you..:P

It tickles me that OWOH folks are coming back over here, even though I'm not in the carnival. Ya'll are so sweet!

uniquecommodities said...

Welcome back chica!

CB said...

I Haven't posted here for while so thought I would drop on in! ;)

Blogging is a lot of fun, and man I'm glad I have DSL now lol. :P it wasn't too long ago that I had dail-up and there were so many things that took hours that now take mins.

Thanks for the link though!