Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ohmigosh, SALE!

Yeah, yeah, I have a bunch of posts you're expecting. And they're coming! But first, I would be a neglectful hostess if I didn't mention I am having a SALE! tomorrow. As part of my Etsy Texas team, who I neglect awfully, I must say, and who are having a big $5 sale for Fifth Monday. Suddenly, I love Fifth Monday and cannot wait. So, besides going to my shop, you should totally be searching ETC5. Ok?

Anyway! All my ACEOS are going to be 5 bucks. All! And I've got a few special listings planned. And I'll be putting up ACEOs as fast as time and my internet connection allow. Maybe I'll even get my shop to crack a hundred! Woo!

Ok, back to natter into the keyboard for a while.


Samantha said...

Lots of luck with your sale!

And how funny, the word verification is lucks, maybe that's a good sign of things to come. ;)

Carapace said...

Hey, thanks! I sort of like making Word Salad with the verifiers, really. Someday I will write a story where all the characters are named after verifiers.

Wee Cute Treasures said...

I was delighted you dropped by my blogspot yesterday and had to smile about 'spilt'. I am of an age where - as children - we had to parse sentences. I still find poor grammar grates and occasionally find myself trying (valiantly) to explain when you say 'You and I' and when you say 'You and me'.

So glad that I am not such a lone dinosaur and loved your comments.

Great things in your Etsy shop! Please visit my shop sometime - and my blog anytime. You are MOST MOST welcome.

All the way from a rather damp and emerald green Ireland, Carol :) x

Leanne said...


i just dropped by to say that YOU are the winner of the Folk Craft giveaway for the "daikini pincushion!" please contact me at with your shipping address so i can have it sent out right away!!

thank you and congratulations!

Vanessa said...

I love a good sale :)

Carapace said...

Yay, thanks, Wee Cute Treasures! I fear we may already have lost words like "shone".

Leanne, hurrah! It's a great pincushion! Please tell me you my email, lo these many weeks ago?

Howdy, Vanessa! Hope the long pauses between posts won't scare you off!