Friday, November 13, 2009

Fair Notice With a Turtle

I am not well.
There's no punchline here; it's not a joke about me being crazy. I have some serious health issues, and they're rearing up to bite me lately. So I may be a bit quieter than usual. A whole big bit. I'll try to keep the blog lively though, and when I post I'm liable to not be in my right mind, so stick around! And if it's ever quiet for two weeks at a go, you can call the Marines. Or the Coast Guard. Or the Glee Club. You know, whatever.
I don't like to talk about it, because it is complicated and boring. But I felt my hypothetical blog readers, needed some explanation for my occasional long quietus. So, there it is.

Hey! Check it out, I'm drawing a turtle!:


mermaiden said...

i wanna give you a hug.

don't wanna touch the turtle, though. germy.

Merily said...


Ooo, a turtle! I love turtles. :)

Sarah said...

Whoo hoo you are winner in the MHA Giveaway..please pop by and see what you have one! Sarah

Carapace said...

Awww! Thank, ya'll. I'll try to get bouncy again.

Sarah-Woohoo! I've emailed you already. Thank you!

The Fab Miss B said...

Get well soon dearie. The turtle is beautiful- here in Hawaii they call the sea turtle "Honu" and we've been lucky enough to see them lazing on the rocks.

Chris said...

I hope you are doing better?

MarZel said...

Hello my friend. Sending you healing energy... I hope you have a speedy recover and a gret holiday!!! HUGS

Carapace said...

Aw, thanks, Miss B. I'm workin' on your post, never you fear.;)

Chris, your Prism Trail blog rocks! Thanks so much for coming by mine! Everyone go look at Prism Trail, it's seriously neat!

Hey, Marz! I miss you!