Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mysterious Mysteries: Paper Blight of Aught-Whatever!

A mysterious phenomenon has recently come to my attention. Across the blog-o-sphere I have of late seen crafters telling tales of paper scarcity. Not current paper scarcity, understand, but paper scarcity of youth gone by. Or, in one case, granted, current, but in Finland. Not a total lack of paper, in any such case; but paper too scarce and precious to be used for children's random art projects.

And I can only say: what the hoppy hippy bththday?

This is an extremely mysterious mystery to me, because I've never lacked for papper in the slightest. I have reams of it at this very moment, in a wide and startling array of finishes and poundage. The ready availability of paper, even in my somewhat impoverished youth (we never starved, but we often lacked power or tv or other American standard amenities) has always been one of my many points of evidence for why modern times are the best so far. Paper, at all times, was a freebie, one thing I could always get from the adults around me, like "water" and "soap". No one ever said "Cara, stop wasting paper!". Now, perhaps this was because everyone accepted that I would indeed be marking something, and paper was cheaper than the walls, but I do not think so. I think it was because paper was a cheap flippin' commodity, that could be pilfered with impunity from schools and offices, and that indeed even my teachers tended to throw my way with vague instructions to keep myself occupied.

So, tell me: have you experienced trouble getting hold of paper? Not fancy paper, mind, but standard looseleaf, printer-or-notebook, give it to the kids for school kind of paper. Was it super expensive at some point? Rare? Limited in quantity? If so, when? And where were you when this strange scarcity occurred? And have you any idea why?

The truth must be known!


Chris said...

Actually, I've never had trouble getting paper. I realize, however, that, given it's not a completely synthetic product, and is based in plants, that if we don't take care of the trees we'll be in trouble with paper. However, I've always had tons of paper! And now that there are more electronic letters and documents floating around through the internet, and more recycling being done, we should have plenty of paper for awhile! I actually use the backs of printed papers to sketch on or try out paint colors, so I'm saving even more paper! I have tons of paper!!

thehauntedstudiounderthestairs said...

My family are Fins...
The country is rapidly decending beyond crippling socialism..but into the tyrrany of Communism...and as such, they are subjected to the insanity of Global Warming and enviromentalism lunacy. Paper bad, trees die.

I hear it every weekend from them.


Carapace said...

Chris, yes, paper can be recycled! And made of things that don't require wholesale tree harvesting. Some really cool paper happens that way, actually!
But not the stuff we get 99 cents a ream, it's true. Still trying to get to the bottom of this "shortage"!

K- Finland is weeeeird, I know. I have a Finnish friend who rants nigh endlessly about the government. But then so does everyone. I dunno what particular sort of taxish rationing is happening there. But! I could see it being a different situation, for a tiny country with a long winter, than here.

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

I had not heard of this. I've never had any trouble getting paper before.
My entire craft revolves around I hope it never goes scarce!

Anonymous said...

Never heard of until today!

Vintage Blue Studio said...

I had to stop over and tell you that the post you left on my blog had me in stitches. That was too funny.