Monday, October 25, 2010

Mondoodle: Long Leggity Beasties!

This is where the poem always broke down for me. If we're hiding from "Long Leggity Beasties", does that mean Looong Beasties, who are leggity?

Or Beasties with long leggity-s?

And if it's the latter, I'm a bit offended, having rather long leggitys myself!

I will, though, confess to going Bump in the Night. And the Day. Long Leggitys are not conducive to absolute grace.  Perhaps the chant

From Ghoulies 
And Ghosties 
And Long Leggity Beasties
And Things that go Bump In the Night
Great Saints Preserve Us!

is meant to be a prayer of salvation for breakable items?

Well, this long leggity beastie has work to do-- but perhaps you'll weigh in on this crucial issue in the comments?


ecoMILF said...

Hey Cara,

You won the ecoMILF giveaway from mama4earth- the knitted unicorn. Shoot me an email at ecomilf[at] with your mailing address and I will have linda send you your prize as soon as possible! xo Meagan.

mermaiden said...

aw, c'mon, you know you tan't take those "prayers" at face value!

Deborah said...

I think the first beast with many legs is the one I have always imagined. I hate things with many legs (shudder) especially when they are long and sinuous like your first drawing. Neat stories. Did you draw the Moon woman yet?

CB said...

Hey you have gotten a generosity award from my blog. I need your address, as well as the month you were born.

Carapace said...

ecoMILF- I emailed you! Please tell me you received it?

Merm- well why not? I cans if I wants to!

Deb- Yessss, I think you're right. Multi-legged is way more unsettling. Centimillidecapedes, very worrying!

I am deciding how I wish to approach my Moon Woman, digital or traditional media...

CB- I'm there!