Sunday, January 30, 2011

Who Let The New Year In ?!?

What? I'm late to the New Year Resolutions and random January-based productivity binges? Surely not! I mean, looking at the calendar, it's not for another week and--

Oh, that's Chinese New Year.

Oh well, I like Chinese New Year, it's fun. Twice the fireworks, and also dragons! Plus this is the Year of the Rabbit! Rabbits are good. Rabbits are...well, terrifying, actually. I'm with Anya on that one. But let's all pretend that I'm celebrating Chinese New Year nonetheless, and I'm actually a jump ahead on 2011, all right? It would be a big relief for me.

Late or early, though, this blog isn't being neglected! I've been planning all sorts of plans, and I hope you'll be with me in the new year-- however you celebrate it- to help them happen! See you Monday!


Laume said...

Last year or so it was owls, showing up in my life everywhere. Leading me where they thought I should head. The last few months it's been hares/rabbits. Didn't know it was about to be the Year of the Rabbit for more people than just me. I was just in San Francisco a few weeks ago, in Chinatown, and rabbits rabbits everywhere! And yet I agree with Anya, they're sort of creepy. (Or maybe midgets.)

Laume said...

Although, I really like creepy rabbits. So I guess that's not really a problem then.