Monday, July 9, 2012

Monstergirls, day 1 and 2

Some sketches prompted by this list: Day 1:

I like the centaurs best, but everyone else has other opinions! Which is pretty ok, it's nice to be told that sketches I did not like have love somewhere. Snakegirls deserve affection too! Note that the one barely-worked sketch is 'slime'. What's a slimegirl look like?!? Isn't a definitive property of slime that it is amorphous? So many questions! Day 2:

Things that made me deeply uncomfortable about today's list: It called for a succubus. I don't wanna draw sexpot women! That is nothing I'm interested in! Also the idea of sexy women as monsters squicks me out!So I took the Castle Falkenstein notion of Succubi- that they're not actually attractive, but energy feeding fae that make people THINK they're attractive, and they themselves only have a warped idea of what features should be hot, so they're really pretty oogy. Oogy monsters are ok. And yeah, the idea of demon-as-businessperson is not new. When business stops hoggin' all the demontude it'll stop being a popular conceit. Mine has a crab leg! So there's that. No qualms at all about my octogals or my spiderling. I would happily draw variants on that theme all day. Mycota came out pretty well too I guess. I love you, non-sexualized creations! Wave your manyhued limbs in the air! or the water! Whatever!

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yanub said...

I really like your succubus. Interesting that men are so willing to draw incubi as ugly demons, but the demons that supposedly haunt me are all hot chicks? Not hardly! Here's the fugly succubi!