Monday, December 15, 2008

Golden Impossible

I hate missing a day! But I could not get Blogger to cooperate yesterday before Christmasness took me away from the computer. Alack.


I seem to have a storybook happening. I'm getting all these scenes, but not in order.

The Unicorn is a real ornament on my tree, by the way. But it has never said anything in my hearing, even after a whooooole lot of eggnog.

"Of course I cannot be real all the time," said the Unicorn "but this is a Christmas tree, and things are different here."

The rocking horse was a rocking horse anywhere, even if it was more of a Pony, and thought it must be very fine to be real only sometimes.


earlybird said...

What a darling sketch! I want a unicorn for my tree too :P

Milly, Team Leader, Etsy Texas Crafters said...

Cute sketch. I love unicorns.

GrandmaMarilyns said...

That wasn't Millie, that was me.

Ellen said...

I love the flowers in the mane and the tail! She is definitely talking to the rocking horse when you aren't listening!

uniquecommodities said...

gorgeous! You are so talented!

Kara said...

Oooh...I haven't had a unicorn friend since I was a kid. Clearly, that needs to change.

Sue said...

Magical sketch fitting for a unicorn!


Carapace said...

Woah! Clearly I need to start making tree unicorns!

Grandma- Don't worry about posting under Milly's name! Now, if you start introducing yourself that way..;)

Ellen- Yay, you noticed the flowers!

Unique- Aw, you're always so sweet! Deluded, but sweet;).

Kara- What color was your unicorn friend? I think mine was rainbow-green. That's a very specific green, you know.:p

Sue- Glad you like the sketch! You have a very nice blog too.:)

Rose Works Jewelry said...

So cute!