Friday, December 12, 2008

Tiger Stealing

Sorry to fall off the face of the world, folks-- I work at a college testing center, and the last two weeks of the semester meant finals, which means no energy for Carapace outside of work. But I survived! And now I'm free! So expect sketchery to return for the rest of the month. Like so!

This tiger is blatantly taken from a photo in National Geographic. This sort of photo inspiration always makes me uneasy, because I don't want to be accused of image theft. On the the other hand, the photo-tiger was rather less....swirly. So I don't know, maybe I've changed it enough?

Another thing about this tiger, and the issue with a lot of my pictures, is that it is not anywhere near as cool as it could be. If I really had any artistic talent, I'd make it out of cut paper. Wouldn't it look awesome in purple and orange paper? Or cast iron, or anything with a bit of dimension? Yes it would. Heck, even a good textured acrylic painting would be better than this. At least that last one might be in my capacity. I don't know when it'll get done, because paintings take a looooong time. But sad experience has taught me it's better to get the idea down and save it for later than wait until I can do things right and lose the whole concept. So, tiger!

I have gallons of sketches- and chattery -- saved up from the last couple of weeks, too, so start coming back now, y'hear? Hope everyone else is having a great month!


Mannie Vincent said...

YAY you're back!!!! I love this sketch! I love the swirls throughout it! It would look pretty neat in cut out paper, but I think a textured painting would give it the best justice! I really hope you do it one day! I'd loveee to see it! ♥Mannie

SarahKelley said...

See, I think you're undervaluing your talent here. I mean you saw a picture of a tiger-- and look what you did with it! went beyond tigerhood and went swirling off into this wingy cloudy swirly phantasm. Not everyone would/could do that. You put it on orange! Good choice!
Yes, sure you could do more-- I'm thinking found object collage myself-- but look what you've already done and how cool it is!

Carapace said...

Mannie-YAY! You're still here! I was afraid my apparent blog-death would scare everyone away.
You think a painting, hmm? I can see that...a bit of texture on the tiger, fading out as it turns into background...hmm. I have all these gel mediums I've been wanting to play with. Maybe Santa will give me canvases from Christmas?
Hey, I love your current forum avatar!

SarahKelley- Oooh, found object collage! That would be amazing, if it were in any way in my power. I cannot collage at all. In fact, I hereby grant full permission for any collage artist who might so desire to make a collage version of any of my pieces,ever, with the sole proviso that I get credit for design and a picture of the finished piece. No, really. I love collage SO much, but give me an assemblage of bits and I assemblage of bits. It's bad. I can only create on blank surface- the integrity of existing objects balks me.
Also: everyone go look at Sarah's stuff! It is amazing!

Carapace said...

Ohhhh-kay, now I have to post again? For some reason? Blogger, you baffle me.

GrandmaMarilyns said...

Welcome back. I know how hard finals time is. I will be glad my daughter is back for a month too. She took her last final today.

earlybird said...

Yay! I love it! And you gave it wings which makes it less like a tiger and more like the mythical creature "the Tigasus". (just made that up maybe there's already a mythical creature name for a tiger with wings - I just don't know it!)

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Your back! I've missed you Cara! I love your tiger - quit beating your self up - your work is fantastic!

agoodwitchtoo said...

I second what Rosey Posey said... your work is fabulous! Glad you're alive and well!

Carapace said...

Hi, Marilyn! I wasn't taking exams, I was handing them out. Still quite tiring, when it's hundreds a day. Individually.:P Whoof. I'm glad you're getting your baby back for Christmas!

Earlybird- Tigasus! I love it! It sounds way cuter than this pic. Now I have to draw something worthy of being a Tigasus...

Roseworks- Honest, shiny-sister, I ain't beating myself up. Mine is an ego of terrifying, yea, even Leviathan proportions, and adamantium armor. I'm just being realistic about my capacity. Alack. But thanks for the vote of confidence!

Witchy- You're here! How's Christmas in Halloweenland?
And I'm glad I'm alive too.;)