Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Afters

I know there's technically a week to go before the New Year starts, but in my head, the year always properly ends at Christmas. The next week has lingering celebrations and lots of cleanup, but it's really just a deep breath before the New Year brings proper time back.

So I'm glad this year, which has been one of my favorite, got one of the best Christmases ever. There was the traditional total lack of sleep (ok, I dreamed about presents and trees for three hours before I couldn't keep my eyes closed...), and a visit from Santa (cunningly disguised as my Father-in-law) almost as soon as my husband and I were both up, and two family dinners, and great gifts shared out all around (I got my first MP3 player! Yaaay, I'm only like half a decade out of touch now!). And for the first time in years, no one got sick, nothing got spilled, and absolutely nothing caught fire!

There was even a wee little cold spell to set the proper mood. Even I like a little cold weather for Christmas.

Now there's piles of goodies to be put away, and decorations to wrap again for future holidays, and a lovely handmade journal to fill with photos and scraps of paper and little notes. And there's a new year to prepare for, and books to read, and a million reasons to celebrate ahead. But for now, I'm going to brew some of my Christmas Tea, and put on the last holiday CD of the year, and enjoy the last few minutes of a perfect holiday and a great year. Thanks, everyone, for being part of it.


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas :)

And if it makes you feel less behind the times...I just got my first MP3 player last year...LOL!

mermaiden said...

you're a tremendous mood-setter, you know.
cheers to the makings of a good new year!

Carapace said...

Memories, you're a year ahead of me! I'm so the slow kid in class.

Mermaiden- It's a good mood, right? ;)

HappyToBeHere said...

Well, I'm light years behind you, Cara. A friend said that his first thought was to give me an IPod for a gift this holiday but chose, instead, to give me $$ for car repairs. So, I'm without a home computer and no internet (this comes to you from the local public library) or cable television. But, it truly helps to have a car to get to and fro. Have a great newest year and look for the full moon Thursday night!