Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Zone

There's greens and beans and cornbread cooking. And most important of all, there's a Twilight Zone marathon on TV.I could write at length on how New Year's Eve is a natural between-time, the sort of fairy tale borderland of time that starts adventures, and the Twilight Zone is a perfect cultural touchstone for that sort of unfettered unpredictable weirdness. I could go on about that, but the truth is the Zone marathon has just been a part of my New Year's Eve celebrations for year, even on years when I couldn't rustle up any other sort of celebration at all. A New Year without the Zone would be like no New Year at all.

But that dummy's freakin' me out, man.


mermaiden said...

I much more appreciate the liminal quality of Samhain, but NY Eve holds a shiny strangeness, a plastered smile and effervescent plea for calendrical good fortune. I'll raise a glass to that!

Carapace said...

See, Halloween is my rock-out time, while New Year's has always been a quiet contemplative holiday for me and my family. A bunch o' greens, a side of bacon, a loaf of cornbread, and of course black eyed peas. And a little bubbly something at midnight, but not much.

Now, AFTER New Years Eve, in full January, there will be 'splosions and board games. But New Year is sacred.

Splendid Little Stars said...

I've been watching some old Twilight Zones recently. I checked them out at the library. lots of fun!
Happy New Year to you!

M&M said...

I hope you update your blog again soon! I just finished ALL OF THE POSTS.
/passes out
And on a school night too, how daer you and your interesting posts keep me up?

Misobel (Mary) said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate. Here's to a healthy and prosperous year!

MarZel said...

Happy New Year, my Friend. I hope all is good and delicious!!