Thursday, February 11, 2010

Seeking Discontent

It's raining, a slow determined rain that clearly means to stay a while. Our tin roof is singing a low constant rumble counterpoint to the folk rock on the CD player.
I am curled up, with two cats vying for lapspace, strong coffee, and absolutely no motivation whatsoever. Rainy days like this always leave me feeling wiped out, slightly sore, and dangerously content, as though I've achieved some mighty goal. I know it's pure primal animal content, a basic sense of wellbeing in contrast with the weather; and the only thing I did to earn it was to be born into a wealthy nation in the late 20th century*, which was admittedly very clever of me, but not a trick I can well repeat in this lifetime.

Nonetheless, I am just way too happy to Do Anything. I have many blogs due, and I will be busy as a one-toothed threshing machine in harvest next week, when the drawings for my OWOH prizes happen (are you all excited? I am VERY excited! Eeee, maybe I'll even get up to 600 posts and get to pick SIX winners! Come on come on come on, people!), but until I can find enough dissatisfaction with current affairs to lift a colloidal cat, I am afraid this is all the blog you're getting.

Let me make it up to you, and leave you with Something You Can Do At Home:

Cara's Super Fast Home Face Scrub!
Two tablespoons plain yogurt
1 tsp baking soda
(all measurements approximate-- feel free to upsize your amounts, mess around with ratios, whatever! Do try this at home!)

Mix baking soda and yogurt. Look at it fizz! It's like a baking soda volcano, only not, you know, so destructive. No little sugar island people watching their homes buried under vinegar lava, or anything. And now you're going to put it on your face! Rub in with a face cloth; wipe off with hot water. This works like a milk bath, with the lactic acid, and the teeny tiny soda crystals give just enough scrubbiness for a quick face exfoliation. It's also really really nice on the scalp, but you'll want to rinse out super well if you go that route.

Edible, non-toxic, and horribly mind-burningly non-tasty. Do Not Eat This Anywhere.

*Yes, it's the 21st now, but I was born in the 20th.


mermaiden said...

your descriptive narration brings me right there. though i shun the cat hair on my lap.

beautiful bloggy background :D

Ruthie said...

We have a lot of rain up here - and I know what's like to want to just curl up when the weather gets like that!

MarZel said...

Stopping by to say hello my friend. I will leave out that is is in the 60's here.... brrrrrr.


Carapace said...

Mermaiden-you don't like cats? Oh my, how distressing! Your hat likes cats, I am sure of it!
Anyway, in current temperatures, these are less cats, and more...vibrating hot pads. They sure ain't movin'.

Ruthie- yes, I bet you DO know-- I wish you didn't have to! Hope life's being kind to you right now.

Marzel- yeah, BRrr! Stupid axial tilt, that allows for life as we know it!;) said...

You're a winner in my OWOH giveaway -- please email me back with your address! :) Oh and I linked you in the post on my blog today!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carapace,


I posted the winners for my OWOH give-away this morning and yours was one of the entries chosen by the random number generator. Pop on over to my blog at to see what you've one. Once you've chosen what you'd like to receive, please email me at hi(at)alteredbits(dot)com or leave a comment on my blog and I will get your item to you straight away.

Glad to have met you through OWOH. :)


Splendid Little Stars said...

I know what you mean! I like the scene, cats and all! I will try that scrub.

And I see you won something! Congratulations!