Thursday, September 23, 2010

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

It's officially autumn, and the first real coolish weather has brought in the traditional bucketing rainstorms. Seems like a good time to return from my long and highly unintentional Summer Vacation!

Well, I say vacation. In fact my summer was a wacky adventure full of drama,travel, and some new medication that will hopefully prevent such an inadvertent hiatus again. Just because I haven't been able to write doesn't mean I haven't been busy! In the last three months I've updated my internet connection to oh, 2005 levels, been to three conventions, seen a Japanese Cultural Festival, lost air conditioning not once not twice but three times, painted about eleventy dozen things that are now proving problematic to share, and bought myself a shiny new toy that should make Mondoodle rather more doodley for a while.

And also there have been frogs. How the frogs matter shall be revealed...tomorrow!

So I'm back, I missed you all, and now let's get to the business of pretending I never left!


mermaiden said...

please do not share pics of deep fried frog legs :[

Cal said...

Good to see you back!