Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Fun Time with A Vengeance!

So, you may wonder what I've been doing lately...

Yeah that's right! I been partying!

Holiday season is gearing up, and around here- with my shop being slow in the holidays and all-- that means nothing but solid party prep for a month. So things will be a little less chatty here than usual.
But from here on in, There Will Be Posts! So if anyone is unbusy enough to check their blogrolls, I'll still be putting up something here to entertain you.  Maybe even sizable posts! Who knows? I don't!

Except I like tomorrow's post. Come see me tomorrow! And dance along with the ladies in their garb!


AJ said...

Dance along? Don't mind if I do! *shimmy*

Carapace said...

* shake*

Man, I really have to get those belly-dancer pics done, huh?

rochambeau said...

Like this one too Cara!!