Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WIP: Mega Crazy Hyper Holiday Prep Time!

Let's face it, for the next month, there's only one project that I'm really devoting myself to.

I may have mentioned it in past years, but I adore holiday time. I never feel the least bit obligated to bake and decorate and play holiday songs eight billion times in one month; I love doing these things, that's all. But none of it works without the centerpiece of the whole endeavor...

Seriously, I can't even start to get in the holiday spirit without my tree! And now I can't stop! So this blog may seem a bit...obsessed... for the next couple of weeks. I'll try to keep it shiny for you, at least!

My household has always put up the tree as early as possible in December (this year right on the 1st! Go us!) and takes it New Year's Eve. But I know other people have other traditions. When do you start decorating? Do you use a grown tree or a handcrafted one? When does it come down? And is there a story with that tradition?


Liz-Anna said...

Cara, I love your spirit! I usually like to start decorating and listening to Christmas music on December 1st and by December 31st I am done! Even in personally difficult years (this is one) I still want my Christmas traditions. One thing I am doing different this year, though, is putting up a leafless deciduous tree instead of the greenery...perhaps a new tradition just for me!

AJ said...

Sadly, I don't have any holiday decoration traditions. When I was a kid, we were Christian. We would put up a Christmas tree... when my parents got around to it. And we'd take it down... when they got tired of it. Sometimes it was an artificial tree, sometimes a live potted one, sometimes a dead one. Our one steadfast tradition was that every year each member of our family purchased a new ornament.

Then when I was a teenager, my parents decided, hey! We're Jewish now! So away went the tree and out came a Star of David made of Christmas lights and Channukiahs. One year we tried making our own menorahs out of air-dry clay and they all broke.

Then I married an atheist and moved out of the house and decided not to be religious anymore, so we don't have any holiday traditions. I'm trying to come up with some, just because I feel left out. A friend gave me a Flying Spaghetti Monster ornament/topper/decoration, so he needs a wreath or tree or garland to live on!

Oh, and my parents do a Christmas tree again. I do not understand them.

Sea Gypsy said...

I usally try to have the tree or trees up by thanksgiving eve with lights and then begin decorating the day after. Like you, I just love the season! Enjoy!

Shari Replogle said...

I like to decorate as early as possible to have time to enjoy it. This year feels way behind though. We always take down on New years day. Thanks so much for visiting me!
Love your work , and am off to see your Etsy shop.