Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Anniversary To Meeee!

I've made my Monday art post, because it's been a while. But the important thing today is not, for once, how brilliant and creative and dramatic I am (nod, people. I need affirmation).

The important thing about today is that it is, against remarkable odds, my thirteenth wedding anniversary! Holy Cats!

Cats are the right thing to swear by, actually- I was never the little girl who played wedding or dreamed about Prince Charming. I had extensive plans to go to art school, become a neurochemistsurgeongineer  with superpowers (comics say it's possible, kids!) and then eventually retire from my life of brilliant crime fighting to make immortal works of art in a house with like 85 cats, which I would deploy as my feline deputies around the city when old age made me too limited to fight anymore.

You can see how I thought I'd  be too busy for romance.

But then some lunatic jumped in front of my car, and there went all my careful plans.

In retrospect, the superhuman crimefighter plan would have been a lot easier, but I'm glad I stuck with the fella. I hate cleaning litterboxes, I look lousy in spandex...and after thirteen years he still makes me grin when I think about him.

So. I'm going to be stepping away from the computer now. See everyone later this week!


mermaiden said...

step away *indeed*. many more happies to you tow love birds (notice cats are not involved).

mermaiden said...

step away *indeed*. many more happies to you tow love birds (notice cats are not involved).

AJ said...

Hooray! Happy anniversary to you and your husband! My husband and I just celebrated 11 years on Friday, so clearly mid-March is a good time to get hitched :D

aquariann said...

Yay, hope you had a marvelous anniversary! Your foiled plans sound a lot like mine once did, until the Ogre swept me off my feet. Except I dreamed of having puppy minions instead of cat deputies.