Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No Sleep Buzz and a Quiz



For those who don't know (and where have you been? Do you pay any attention to what I write? I might as well not be here for all the attention you're paying!) I'm a Texan. I don't just live in Texas, I belong here. I'm never even a little happy to be elsewhere, and believe me, I have experimented. It's bad for my health. So with all the problems my state has-- and believe me, I know them better than any out-of-state furriner*-- I love it here. Not least because, you know, it's almost Thanksgiving, and I was wearing shorts today. Thanks, tilting global axis!

However, long summers and mellow winters have their drawbacks. And they are buzzing around my head RIGHT NOW, and well, thus this picture.

A quick question, before I go on one last mad bug-killin' spree for the night- does this guy remind ya'll of anyone? Don't worry, there's no right answer, I'm just wondering. Answer and I'll tell you why!

*Why all you out of state people trade in furs is beyond me..oh, that's furrier? Never mind...


agoodwitchtoo said...

He reminds me of Clint Eastwood... LOL!

TiLT said...

is one, on the tip of my tongue - but can't get it..
my mind keeps going to Stargate and the little dues with all the smarts - except this guy doesn't look all that bright chewing on that stick :P
of course, that makes it sound bad if it is Clint...cuz I like him!
i need coffee...can you tell?

Rose Works Jewelry said...

He reminds me of...of...of... I can't decide >_> grrr....

Mannie Vincent said...

First of all, WOW Cara! All the lines of his face are perfect! I really do envy your talent! Second of all, he appears very familiar, but I can't seem to place him... i don't know. Thrid of all, I've never been to Texas (: I would love to visit someday though. I live in Florida, I was out sunbathing last week, haha!


uniquecommodities said...

I agree with AGW! Clint Eastwood is who I immediately thought of! But you asked that just to see if we read through the end right? LOL

Go2Girl Designs by Kila said...

Never seen him before in my life.
Yes...we love your verbal entertainment as well as your daily sketches!

Carapace said...

Thanks for all the guesses!

There really wasn't a right answer- I just drew him because I need to draw more men! Especially in the face. Men are harder to draw, since I don't have such a ready model on hand;). But whe n I was done, Madboy looked at him and said "He looks just like the gunner from my pirate story!" (because of course he's writing a pirate story, he's a geek). And another friend said he looked like a different character, and I was just wondering what I'd tapped into with that facial design.

Clint Eastwood, huh? Ok, I liked him in Paint Your Wagon;).

Mannie (and everyone else) let me know if you're ever in my neck of the woods! It's not the most grandiose part of Texas, because that's some serious grandiosity to match there, but I like it, and I'm happy to show it off. (warning to vegetarians: Barbecue. Capital. Of Texas. Hope you like beans and okra, 'cause there ain't much else.).

Thank you all so much for coming by! Have a great Thanksgiving!

uniquecommodities said...

***Award Notification!***
Because your blog rocks and so do you, I have bestowed you with the coveted Marie Antoinette award!

The rules of the game are posted at

uniquecommodities said...

oh cool Cara! Glad to be the one to give you your first award. You just click on the picture in my blog, then right click over pic and it will give you option to save it..Save it to your desktop or wherever so you can retrieve it and add it to your post. feel free to convo me via Etsy if you have any detailed questions and I will help

TiLT said...

aww...UC beat me to it! I was coming over here to give you that award! You know what...I still am :) just merge them and think of yourself as double the goodness!!

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