Thursday, October 15, 2009

Not Exaggerating Here

Yes, it's fall in my part of Texas, which means I need to have my entire wardrobe, from swimtrunks to longjohns, on call at all times. That little vignette above? That was last week. I had the heater and hot chocolate and iced tea and air conditioning in the same day. It's...invigorating.

So of course it's perfect traveling weather! This weekend I'll be goin' down to Ren-Town, visiting the great big Houston-area Texas Renaissance Festival. It's laughably enormous!I'll try to get ya'll one more post before I go-- but since I think the next weather change on the wheel o' climate is Locusts, no promises.

And to all the new blog followers-- Hi, welcome, afraid that posts sometimes lie skimpy on the ground. And aren't all essays. I like essays, but sometimes a gal's gotta go cartooning.


mermaiden said...

love this cartoon! the expressions are perfect :D

not so extreme here as where you are, but i can relate- 2 days ago it was pouring and 55. yesterday it was sunny and 75.

no wonder i'm moody.

Carapace said...

Yeah, fall gets to me- I hate having to keep my whole wardrobe out all the time! And of course, since we never settle on "winter" for more than a week, fall essentially lasts from October to March.

I'll still take it over "real" winter, though. Cold is Not My Friend.