Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring is Here!

Yes, the flowers are here! The sun is shining through the rain! The weathermen are shocked to discover that every day is now the warmest day of the year so far!* Spring is Spranging! It's the sweetest, most ephemeral time of the year. Winter is a fickle freak season that likes to do-si-do with summer for three months, and autumn's a nice solid citizen. But Spring blooms and melts away overnight, and I've got to enjoy the visit while I can!

My shop and blog, sadly, have not been able to keep pace with the sudden turns in weather. Largely because of the sudden turns of weather. It has been an awesome reminder of the power of nature this past month to have my internet service constantly ripped away from me by howling line-destroying winds and occasional thumbpunches of hail. And by "awesome", I mean javascript:void(0) "soul destroying". But it appears the world outside my yard** exists again, so look for rather more posts from me for a while!

*I am not even joking. One weatherman SAID this. Out loud. Axial tilt apparently still shocks him.

**I have a big yard. The world has to be pretty loud to be heard over the distance.


Larissa said...

Welcome back. :D

Cal said...

It is getting warmer by the day, I wonder if it is Spring! That weatherman was surely funny.

Merily said...

I honestly don't think weathermen and women are picked for their intelligence. At least, I really hope not.

MarZel said...

Missed you and glad you are back!!! HUGS!!

Carapace said...

Thanks Larissa!

Marzel, I missed you toooo!

Cal, Merily-- I think weathermen are reporting from an alternate mirror universe, they're so reliably wrong. They're a very useful predicitive tool if you just keep in mind that, like Stephanie Zacharek, they are ALWAYS WRONG.