Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wriggle, My Mighty Harbingers!

The full moon came late in March; it's still shining down outside, bright enough to read by, provided the font is at least 12 point and not something intended for effect only like Skunch or something.

This is the Raven Moon. Ravens are symbol-heavy birds. Ravens have carried the messages of the gods, echoed the screams of battlefields, and burned down barns and storehouses (no,really, that last one is a physical fact.).

Ravens are clever, and inventive, and dangerous in the way only the clever creatures of the world can be (I'm not kidding about the barnburnings). And the members of the Fantasy Artists of Etsy have been inspired by the Raven Moon to come up with all manner of lovelies. Yes, I've got something there too, over on the FAE team blog, where everything is shiny and mystic and enchanted.

But over here, it's just me and--holy snakes, about 140 of ya'll. You know, intimate. So I can just be grubby and a little odd, and celebrate the much cooler...


Worms are brainless, useful, and never known for starting fires. They possess amazing regenerative powers, can turn absolute rubbish into fertile soil, and feed an amazing array of fauna including, yes, ravens. Even worm poop is useful! They give us food instead of stealing ours, serve as basic science projects, and help us identify the squeamish, so we don't mistakenly plan to include them in our zombie preparations.

And now it's coming up spring, and the noble Worms are once more free to move through ground no longer frozen by winter, spreading life and goodwill to all who depend on the soil. Long may you dance beneath your Moon, noble if squishy invertebrates!

(As a side note- this is all true. About the moons and the barns and everything. I thought about doing an April Fool's joke, but hey, how would anyone here know the difference between that and my usual posts?

Seriously. If you can think of a way, please let me know.)

(Also also: OWOH folks, I am still getting your prizes together, indeed! But they are alllmost ready to send out, according to my development department, i.e., me. Thanks for your patience!)


mermaiden said...

View it in a Room on Regretsy, that is my prediction ;P

MarZel said...


Elysian Field Originals said...

Very funny and great blog post. I love ravens and worms!!! Happy Easter! xo

Jennifer said...

Great post! Worms are pretty useful and don't get enough credit. The gummy variety are also pretty tasty.

Hope you have a great Easter!

Jennifer Hall