Monday, February 14, 2011

Technically, Difficulties: In Which I Rant A Lot

For those who don't know: My part of Texas got slammed with a major coldfront over the last couple of weeks. I know those of you who live in Lands of Ice And Snow are laughing, thinking "Oho, that silly Texan, I bet she's talking about like 50F" and that's justified, because I will in fact bawl like a toffler who's dropped her ice cream when it hits 50, but: no. I'm talking about 20, 15, 12F.

TWELVE! That is unacceptable, folks.

In a forty year old trailer with no coldproofing. Because, seriously, we're in South Central Texas! Who needs coldproofing! HEAT, that's the problem! Yes! We are so ready for that! Cold? Feh.

...Until all the pipes explode and my paints freeze in their tubes. My paints! Froze right up! Ungroovy, friends. Not that it matters too much, since I probably shouldn't indulge my watercolor lust until we have running water again.

I also froze right up- apparently, being desperately cold is hard on the human body! Who knew, right? So while I've managed to avoid actually getting ill (Living isolated in the woods does wonders for vector elimination) my chronic...well, everything, swung back into high gear. I've spent most of the last couple of weeks half blind and twitchy, which does not allow for great art. But does make for some hilarious housekeeping! Did you know you can boil chopsticks to softness? Well now you do! And so do I!*

Point being, I'm gonna be a leeetle behind on my blog duties for this week, as I fight to compensate for Weather Happening. But then I'll have sketches! And stories! And maybe..uh..other kinds of sketches and stories! It's a blog, I'm sort of limited. But I hope you'll be there!

*Chopstick Drop Soup: Not that good. It has a nice solid flavor, but the wood is full of splinters, fancy that.


AJ said...

Poor Cara! I hope things get better soon. We had a record-breaking cold snap here, too, but it was very short and now it's warm here again, as it should be! After all, isn't this why we live in AZ and TX, to avoid cold winters?

And yes, other people scoff at us. When I was complaining about our cold at the start of the month, people back east were saying "Har har, that sounds like a heat wave!" Meanwhile people were literally dying here because our homes are not built for this sort of weather! And I had to layer on every sweater I owned just to survive the drive to work. And then I forgot my gloves, and the steering wheel was so cold that my hands hurt.

Hold on for Spring! It will be better soon!

mermaiden said...

the Nords stuck you with their icy blades.
the barstids.

Laume said...

Thanks so much for visiting my OWOH post and leading me back here to your Texas trailer. (Does it look like Jaye's trailer in Wonder Falls? We were just watching that last night?)
I love meeting folks who so obviously share my quirky view of life. (And you know Mermaiden - how could we NOT be friends as well! (Hi Julie!))
I suppose you don't want to know about how we had temperatures that never got UP to 0°F for several weeks this past December. Fortunately we were passed over by the Frozen Pipe Fairies, but others in our community were not so fortunate.
Well, I'm off to visit a few more OWOH blogs, but I assure you, I'll be back. (and if I forget, 'cuz I often wander away from the blogoverse for weeks at a time), come back and bug me a bit on my blogs.
Oh, and to answer your question, I don't, technically, go to Faires. I think you mean Ren Faires, yes? We are attendees and volunteers for these wonderful festivals - http://www.faerieworlds. com

Birgit said...

Hi Cara,

Well, try to stay warm! :)

By the way, it's OWOH time again. As you have an active blog, why don't you come over to my blog and leave a comment on my OWOH post if you like the prize? Just scroll down a little. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Cara! Thanks for inviting me to your fantastic blog! I'm sorry to hear that you're ill and thank you for letting me know that chopsticks do boil to softness! I will pack that knowledge away to draw when the time comes!
Take care of yourself and thank you for dropping by my blogs during the OWOH hop!


~Spike (#22) (#24)

spikelikeart at gmail dot com

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Yes, I did hear about your cold troubles. It's wacky weather time. And I don't want to complain but how about -29? But, you would say, my house is heated. And it is but that is still way too cold. It broke me physically and emotionally. If you are still taking votes on what piece to work on (posted last week, I would vote for the second one - the butterfly skirt girl. I would love to see how that turns out. And thanks for stopping by chez moi and leaving me a few notes.