Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Sketchsplosion

IIIII'm Back! Whoo!

Sorry to be so long on this-especially as I've really wanted everyone's advice! But as I explained in my last post, sometimes it's unavoidable. You still love me, right, internet?

Being flattened by my own brainpan does tend to decrease my productivity-- but I still finished the most requested sketch from the last sketchplosion! Unfortunately, she sort of turned into this very military chic lass along the way, and, well...

Fonts happened. I really like the idea of her being part of a recruitment poster- but now (a) I'm fighting the urge to make a whole series of God Brigades and (b)I am probably going to be mucking with the fonts for approximately eleventy billion years. They are a weakness of mine.

But I think I can keep wordage out of this week's sketchity choices! A couple are a little more complicated compositionally, but nothing I can't handle. Have a look:

And tell me what I should spend my head-fixed time on!


aquariann said...

Yay, I'm glad you're back. Your sketches are wonderful. Concentrating on the cute fishy faces helped me to overcome the font overload! ^.^

Anonymous said...

OMG. Is that a sphinx and the fates doing textile-y things like sewing/knitting? Because that would be awesome. Also, I like the composition. :)

Meri Greenleaf said...

The god recruitment posters? An *awesome* idea! Even with all those fonts. ;)

mermaiden said...

let's see...Ponyo, cutting threads of mortality, or dingleberry-tasting?
i vote for the 3rd!
and i think the recruitment poster is a fantastic idea and i hope you do a whole series of them.