Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Five

Let's start things off by spreading some love! The Friday Five are five other artists who should have your money:

Want to buy clothes made in China without wrecking your karma? Want to have designer clothes with more design than just a name tag? Idea2Lifestyle has you covered, or they will, as soon as you get in touch with them.

You're probably here because you're my friend, and if you're my friend you use Renclothes or know someone who does. And if you're Renfen, you're probably as annoyed as me by having to lay out serious cash for basic items, like chemises and skirts. Have a look at My Elegant Muse- I don't know how she even gets fabric that cheap!

Damsel in This Dress doesn't have a lot of dresses, but she does have some killer corsets--and they're nearly bodice-length, too! Since corsets beat underwires, I of course want one--and since bodices beat wonderbras, women of other dimensions can enjoy these just as much!

And if you're my friend, you're probably also a guy, just by law of averages....but for the few, the proud, the female geeks and congoers, I know you're all crafters. Don't you need an apron? Of course you do! Even if you don't need an apron, you need a Sassy Apron! Seriously, look at those things. You could commit some serious gal-fu in those aprons. But the Green Envy is mine. Hands off.

Of course a nifty fifties apron needs a nifty fifties dress to go with it! If Autumn Ends is kind of spare on goods now, but check her out-- she has great retro style clothing, and sizes for those of us who can't shop actual vintage on account of women then apparently having been raised as bonsai miniatures.


Carolyn said...

Hi Cara, congrats on starting a blog, and thanks for stopping by mine! I started the Friday Five in the hopes of getting some sops and shopkeepers notice that get "lost" in the shuffle" of Etsy. There are a lot of great shops that don't get noticed, so it is fun to see what other people pick!
Ok, now I'm going to check out YOUR picks and have a look at your shop! Keep in touch!

Carapace said...


I totally agree! I'm hoping to find more overlooked shops, maybe support some of my team members, for next week.

Thanks for the idea!