Sunday, August 10, 2008

Playing with Tools

One of my favorite things about anime cons is the amount of raw creativity charging up the air. It's not just the official artists. Anime has a very involved fandom, and almost everyone runs a game, or makes their own costumes, or runs a mailing list, or.... so it's almost impossible to NOT get inspired.

It's also near-impossible to make a finished piece while bouncing up and down, dealing with customers (lovely customers! I mean it! They wear such awesome clothes...) so I use the time for brainstorming and trying out new tools.

Yesterday, I did this with a set of watercolor graphite pencils:

The pencils were very easy to use, and required almost no water. The effects I got-- on some frankly awful paper, and with just a few tablespoons of water and one thin brush-- were like ink wash, without the constant danger of emblackening everything on my table.

I'm still working up the picture-- it's a rare one that's worth saving, I think, so I'm trying to save it (for reproduction, not original sale. It really is horrible paper.). So feedback is welcome!


yanub said...

Cool picture, and neat that the watercolor graphic pencils work so nicely.

Feedback on the picture: I love the Medusa head. It's grotesque just as it should be. The foreground snake and the Medusan eyes are particularly effective. Work to be done: The hand holding it up is rather Thorpian and languid. I think there should be more of a feeling of exuberance, as well as a differently angled posture.

Carapace said...

I don't WANT exuberance, actually. I want Athena to be creepy and not-right.

Interesting that you notice the hand first. Thanks!

Useful Books said...

Hi! You posted on my blog A LONG TIME AGO about a book and I'm so sorry to just be getting back to you! I DO plan to make more journals like the one you commented on. I plan to allow folks to select their own words to include in the panel. I'll let you know when I get to that!

The Managing Your Mind journal was just a random thrift store find. I love serendipity! If I come across anything like it again, I'll contact you. Or if YOU do, send it to me and I'll fix you up. :) Thanks for the encouragement!