Monday, August 18, 2008

WIP: Birthday

Sometimes, you just gotta go all out cute.

I love kokeshi dolls--the super simple basic form, often insane levels of detail in the decoration, the sheer overwhelming cuteness of them. I'd collect them by the bushel if I could. I can't, because they're (a) really amazingly expensive and (b)really bizarrely hard to find.

So for myself and others in a similar position, I'm doing a series of doll-inspired paintings. This is the first one, also brought on by the fact that it's my birthday this month (wooo!):

This is a watercolor, but it's one in a thick near-impasto style I first saw used by the lovely Miyako Matsuda. It allows me to keep the color blending traits of watercolor and get some of the texture effects of acrylic, which in the original really show up on the kimono.

This is a work in progress--I'm still not happy with the facial coloring, and the details need some cleaning up. I'd say it's about 90 percent done, though. Any suggestions for the finishing touches?

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