Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Five

Hooray, it's time for the Friday Five! This is my favorite post of the week, because there's so much cool stuff to share! This week is dedicated to the enchanting artists of Etsy FAE, who also managed to make up one of the most apropo team names in all Etsy.

First, though, one final corsetier,Desert Orchid .
Desert Orchid is an incredibly convo-friendly, helpful shop. And their prices on custom corsets--real, hard wearing waist trainers--are frankly incredible.If you're even thinking of the investment of buying a real corset, do yourself a favor and check them out. And hey, it's sort of fitting-- what fantasy costume is complete without an awesome corset?

Moving away from clothes a bit this week, I also have to sing the praises of
Bending Tree Arts .
There's a cartload of nifty stuff there, and my mind boggles at the self assurance needed to make the art stones, but the real wonder is her Cedar Spirit dolls. There's a lot of information about these dolls on their descriptions, but I'm pretty sure they're really made with magic. Another wonderfully friendly seller!

Faery Spell Creations
makes many lovely things. But what you should really go look at are the pumpkin pixies, the nifty hats, and especially the bags. And for the next few weeks, everything she sells is helping yet another artist in the fantasy community. Go check her out now!

Izile's Oddities
are, well, odd. But her magic vials are truly enchanting! I of course want Good Karma (it's so green!) but they're all great. Look at the swirl on Flames of Passion! No really, go look.

Oh no, room for just one more! I can't let this Friday go by without mentioning Meri Greenleaf. She makes dolls, you see. Not just art dolls, (although they are works of art!), but snuggly dolls that just beg to be hugged and petted. She makes, to be very specific, a Caliban Doll. Yes, the Caliban. From Shakespeare. Looking just how he would look, I'm sure, if he were made of yarn. Must be seen.

For more fantastic goodness, search Etsy under tags: faeteam! And thanks to the lovely Aquariann, who keeps this team running, and who has a knack for great names (hah! Got in a sixth artist! Take that, self-imposed structural setup!).


Merily said...

Aww, thanks for mentioning me! Caliban is feeling quite proud. :)


Carapace said...

Ha! I've been eyeing Caliban since I joined FAEteam. Someday, he will be mine!

Or, hopefully sooner, he will be somebody's. Boy needs a good home.