Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Love Blue Tulip!

Holy cow! My latest bloggy giveaway victory,from the estimable Blue Tulip Designs:

What makes this really amazing is that I only WON two cards. That was the deal! And Martha- Blue's secret civilian identity-- was super sweet about it, asking me all kinds of questions to make sure I got the cards I would like most-- even offering to make me a custom invite! Wow! But I said, no, that wouldn't be right, and asked her to just give me what she thought was coolest.

And look!

Isn't that pretty? That wasn't even in her shop when I entered the contest; she made it up all pretty just to surprise me! But it wasn't as surprising as this:

Bwaahahah! I love it! Look at the stunned little monkey face! I think anyone who's ever been in an accident can relate.

Anyway, yes, that's TWO cards that weren't even for sale, sent super-fast straight to me! I'm highly tickled.

Sadly, these are my cards now, which means I can only give them away, not receive them. Which means someone needs to be in an accident or have surgery or something-- that monkey's too cute to languish in a drawer! So I shall be forced to turn to a life of crime, commiting acts of violence just to let cards live there proper lives. I shall be known as The Calling Card Crippler, and there will be dark True Crime TV shows made about me. I'm hoping for City Confidential myself...

Oh, but wait, I'm still blogging. Right. So in conclusion, Blue Tulip rocks! Visit her! Now!


mermaiden said...

"The Calling Card Crippler"? really, you are too clever by far. an entirely new level of debauchery to add to sunbathing and sugar gluttony.

Carapace said...

Well, I make my own fun. And the glorious thing about blogging is that there's no one to interrupt me when I'm on a tear:D!

I really am itching to use the card, though it's not likely I'll turn to a life of crime about it. I guess.

katydiddy said...

Guess what? You won my print too! What is this your lucky week? I'll email you to get your address!

Carapace said...

Oh boy! Thank you, Katydiddy!

Really people--enter giveaways! What's better than free pretties? Well, ok, superpowers. But free pretties are really really great!

beedeebabee said...

Hi Cara!
Just popping by to thank you for visiting my new blog and for your sweet comment too!
Good luck with my giveaway!!!
Big smiles, Paulette :o)

Carapace said...

HI, beedeebabee! Nice to see you!

Chris Stone said...

Those are cute cards! and congrats on winning!