Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm Leaving You!

But only for a few days! I'm heading off to Akon in Dallas, land of nifty architecture and nightmarish street planning.
How bad are the streets? My honeymoon was spent in Dallas; we stayed at a fairly nice hotel. A nice hotel that we could not reach.
Mind, it was easy to leave the hotel, get on the highway, and go about our business every morning. But that was a one-way feeder road. There was simply no corresponding road leading in. The main roads went right past it; there was a big green lawn...and ONE exit point, for that one way feeder road.

Oh, and a very clear rut in the grass from the main road, where everyone who worked there, visited, or just delivered pizzas said "To heck with this" and violated traffic law in a fairly blantant fashion. Everyone. Even the cops.

So perhaps I should say, I'll be back soon-- Monday, in fact-- provided Dallas has not started any road construction in the meantime. Yeek.

But if I do not return, remember I was working to the last! Remember those muddy sticks I showed you the last time?

Well, I put a little more detail into the mud:

And then, with the Magic of Photoshop, opened a layer under the lines and played around with colors a bit. Seriously, this is something I ONLY do in Photoshop; colorwork takes ages by hand, and it's very hard to revamp a painting in more than minor ways, so aside from some rough color layouts done before I even start a piece, I have to pick a scheme and start with it. In the land of computer graphics, I can try a dozen combos, and just take what I want and scuttle the rest, in about the time it would take me to do ONE traditional color piece. I thought I liked this...

Next time: Near the final stage? Time for a panicked radical change!


mermaiden said...

thanks for the tease! this piece is looking gorgeous. enjoy the labyrinth of Dallas.

Carapace said...

Ah...thank you? I'll try to survive, at least!

Sygnet Creations said...

have fun.....

shopannies said...

thanks for stopping by my blog and entering a great contest

Chris Stone said...

That is a very funny story about the hotel. Looks like your picture is developing nicely! I'm glad to see others posting not quite finished projects!

Alessandra Fusi said...

Hallo Dear!!
I just wanted to say: thank you so much for entering my giveaway!!! ♥
Stay tuned 'cause I will pick the winner soon ;)

With love,


Carapace said...

Hello, lovely new people! Thank you for coming!

Annie-- Oh yes, you're very welcome for me entering your contest. That's a favor I'm happy to do anytime!;D

Chris-- Yay, so someone does like these rather self-indulgent project posts! That's a relief, because I sense more of them on the horizon.

Alessandra-- Everyone, go look at her blog! It's purty.But don't enter the giveaway, 'cause I want it!;P