Saturday, May 9, 2009

Keeping Busy

One of the quirks of my brain issues (yes, I have brain issues, not in the "oh, I'm so wacky" way, but in the "Hey, I can't see out my right eye!" way) is that often my verbal circuitry will short out. You who have seen me write can guess how much being forced to go incommunicado pains me.

But when I can't write I have to do SOMEthing, so the irony of my bloglife is that usually when I'm not blogging I'm doing scads of stuff I'd like to blog about. Like this!:

Yes, I'm modding an altoids box. This one's gonna be for me and me alone; I've laid some transparent clay along the backside, which I'll paint, and I'm going to have me a nifty unique earplug box (it's a dinky tin). But I'm thinking of making a couple for my shop. What do ya'll think?


mermaiden said...

Carapace, that's a great idea. Loads of people collect boxes and tins and eenie weenies, and yours will be delightful. I think they'll end up being stash boxes, though- forget the earplugs and bring on the debauchery ;]

Carapace said...

*blinks innocently* I have no idea what you're talking about. None. "Stash box" here obviously refers place to STASH things, like incense, and earrings! Yes! I am violating no one's TOS!

Whew, you bad girl, look at the trouble you're trying to get me in.:D

Sue said...

I think it is a great idea! I know so many people that have a passion for tiny, unique boxes - either to use or display.

Go for it!

Carapace said...

Thank you, Sue! I am getting chuffed about the possibilities, now. Could I..gasp! Could I actually get a sale?:P