Monday, November 15, 2010

Mondoodle: Alphabet Cards

A looong time ago, I drew my way through a pack of 100 index cards in two days. It was pretty insane, and I wrecked my hand for a week to come, but it did get me out of an artistic slump I'd been in for a month.

It did not get me out of this slump by helping me to create especially GOOD art, though.  Although some of the cards did in fact turn out surprisingly well, and I found that they were quite a good work surface, most of the pictures were made just to make something.  Nothing holds me up artistically quite as much as an utterly delusional recurring urge to perfectionism,

So I made the cards, and promised myself I'd show them to other people, even.  As in, "even though they're gonna be awful". So here, the first of some of those surviving cards:

All of these cards have oddly elaborate stories on the backside. But perhaps none have a greater mystery than the Invisible B, which will not load. Why? Oh Letter Image of Mystery!


SaraLynn said...

Hey Cara! I got my printing done at Shipping is pricey there, but they let you do small runs which is perfect for a newbie like me. :) The paper is also extremely nice!

Carapace said...

Thank you! I'm checking out printers for some cards of my own, very small run, and always like to hear from other artists on their experience.

mermaiden said...

i expect nothing less from you than odd and elaborate stories. (oh wait, that's not quite what you said, is it???)