Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WIP: bookreaders

Well, it's certainly fall! It took a while (fellow Texans, have we not had the most perversely gorgeous fall?)but it's cold, wet, and grey-skied today. And as the weather cools, an artist's thoughts turn to...books. Well, mine do, anyway. And when I can't be reading, I can draw other people reading!

Sketch version- I like the pose! Actually, I like the pencil lines too. I may use pencil for the final lines on this one...

Lay down some basic colors. Pretty boring stuff, but I want to play with light, so I'm trying to keep the undertones simple.

See? It's gonna get fancified!  And also there will be leaves. But that will be later.

Now, I know Thursdays are usually quiet around here, but you may want to stop by tomorrow. Just saying.


mermaiden said...

i read an entire book the other day. but i couldn't stay in that pose ;]

Carapace said...

Yeah, that's a teenager's reading pose, for sure. I mean I love it in theory, but boy do my arms wear out in practice!