Monday, November 8, 2010

Mondoodle : Cowly Owls!

Some pretty developed doodles this week! I started on these owls back in the owl-cowl crazy days of Etsy. I never did finish them, at least then, because apparently I have an allergy to taking advantage of fads. But they're cute, aren't they?

But my husband saw them and went Squee, almost to the letter, so apparently now I am maritally required to produce something with them. And Etsy has moved on to...what, exactly? I don't know, but thank the Monkey it's not white and cream boxes of owls anymore (that actually sounds way creepier than it was...kinda cool! I'd like a box of white and cream owls...), so I sould be able to avoid the horrors of possible success and popularity.

So, what do you think? Cards? Prints? What should I do with these big-eyed beauties?

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The winner will get a set of my new-and yet unreleased- bookmarks! I've seen these, I've got them in my hot little hands, and they are pretty darn nice bookmarks, laminated, ribboned and all pretty with Carapace art. So if you like my art and like books, you'll like these! And if you don't like either of those things, well, I'm honestly not sure why you're here.  Hi?


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See you Wednesday!

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AJ said...

I'm not sure what the current Etsy trend is, but owls are still semi-popular, I see them around on things.

Is it mustaches? Octopi? Or have both of those died down, too? At least the cupcake thing seems to be over. I love cupcakes. IN my belly. Not ON my jewelry.

baglady said...

I like the owls- guess I'm behind on the trends but I think they are still cute. There is SO much on Etsy- not sure if you could find a trend.

Anonymous said...

You Know I like your work and owls are as good a bird as

yarrow1 said...

The owls are adorable and look as if they would prefer to be animated but if that is not their fate I think they would make lovely cards.

P.S. I do like bookmarks.
P.S.S. I like books.

SaraLynn said...

I love your drawings! Those owls are especially darling. Trend or not, I will always adore a cute little owl (or three!).

Carapace said...

Aj- See, I like Owls, quite a bit even. But the trendy thing just annoys me.

If I really wanted to Etsypimp, I would draw a white mustache on a white owl riding a white giraffe. It would look like a blank sheet of paper, but we'd know better.

Baglady- there IS a lot on Etsy, but the staff makes a conscious effort to publicize certaing things as certain times- holiday stuff right now, for instance. For a while they for some reason thought we all really wanted to see owls.And cowls. And fake mustaches. It was very strange.

Kila- Oh how I WISH I could animate my own work! That would not just be awesome, but crazy- awesome.

Yarrow- I like your work toooo! Everyone, go look up Yarrow on Etsy, she does some really neat stuff!

SaraLynn, not sure how you found me, but welcome welcome welcome!You have a very pretty avatar!