Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank You Thursday- The Contest Continues!

Whoo, almost didn't get today's post up! And that would be bad, because it would mean fewer entries for the artwork contest. Ooh yes. You remember, this contest? I want maximum entries, I do!

But the weather is whipping up merry Hob-- anyone else want me to draw a merry Hob, now?-- and these posts, unlike the others, I don't plan out ahead of time. That's right, these Thursday posts are all spontaneous! Hurrah! But that means when the satellite internet is wonky, so is my posting schedule. Alas!

But I do like my theme days, so: these posts seem like a perfect place to talk about what's awesome in my world at the moment. And at the moment, it's this gorgeous storm boiling up right outside. Oh, it's going to find all the leaks in our roof and rock our trailer on its feet when it hits-- but for all that, it's awesome in the original sense to watch the sky turning electric violet and all the pines dancing like stars in a black and white Fleischer cartoon.

And I'm of course very grateful, while that whips up, to be inside at all, even moreso given the existence of a comfy couch and two purring cats holding a war for my lap and a big shelf o' exotic tea.

And of course I'm thankful for you, my few, faithful commenters, who make me get up and get to work even on stormy days. Thank you!

What are you glad for today?


AJ said...

Oooh, I'm glad for my micro fleece sheets! In the past couple of days it has gone from being 90F to COLD, and my desert-dwelling body is not adjusting well. So I just put the micro fleece sheets on the bed and I know it's going to be so warm and cozy tonight :)

My big fluffy cat is thankful for them, too. He's chilling amongst the pillows.

mermaiden said...

I'm thankful that we will turn our heat on this weekend maybe. While we run out of the house with the freshly-turned-on heatStink fast on our heels.
We don't get epic storms like you, not really. We get rain. And gray. And wind. All winter.
But today there is sun and it is warmer outside than in!

Meri Greenleaf said...

*shudders* Big storms terrify me. If I remember right, as a kid I used to hide under the dining room table with the dog.

I'm thankful for nice weather- I was able to eat breakfast on the deck this week, which is rare for November- usually it's too cold. I love being able to be outside in the sun. :D

thehauntedstudiounderthestairs said...

You live in a trailer, how could that not be safe in a big storm? Relax.


Carapace said...

AJ- as another incredible wimp about the cold, I am with you! Don't we have some sort of deal, here,where we don't have to put up with cold because we put up with summer?!?

Mermaiden- Ah, nothing says "holiday season" like the smell of dust burning off the unused gas furnace,right? It always gets me feeling oddly festive. Time to buy some cranberries!

Meri- Wait, I thought you lived somewhere warm?
I love big storms, it's the buildup I can't take...

K- Aw, you remembered! Yes, surely my 50-year-old cracker box shall save me!