Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WIP: Card Courts

Playing cards -traditional four-suit playing cards- frustrate me.  They seem so chock-full of obvious folk memory symbolic goodness, with the caste-system allusions in the deck, and the King knifing his own head, and all.  But start looking for any detailed information on that symbolism, and it's like chewing taffy.  Beyond the whole staves-meant-swords-stood-the-military type stuff, no one seems to know exactly why the cards look the way they do.

Part of the reason the works that come here are In Progress is because I usually feel they're not quite solid enough to finish. With these ladies, for instance, I'm not happy having a pure shape motif. Looking at my Queen of Diamonds, I can see she needs a hunting- hawk.

But what animal should go with my Queen of Hearts? And what should they both be holding as a token of their office? Scepters? Cel Phones? I don't know, but I don't like them empty-handed.

So I toss the discussion to you, dear blog-friends, while I go sketch out my Queen of Spades and Queen of Clubs.  Let me know what YOU think- especially since the comment-contest is still on!


Jingle said...

They are definitely beautiful characters! I like the depth that they have in their expression. I'm not sure what animal or object to go with. I might lean toward something a bit timeless, hmmm....

Rio said...

One avenue for picking an animal type would be to research their symbolism. I'm a little more "fly by the seat of my pants" though I and just pick animals that share characteristics with the shape. If Queen of Diamonds is a hunting hawk, then Queen of Hearts needs to be something both soft and warm and fuzzy and cunning with a sharp bite. I keep thinking ferret. Lol, not sure that's the best option but there you go. Will you leave the background white or will you fill it in with a scene?

Carapace said...

Jingle- Very few things are timeless, really- modern people just tend to think anything older than 1930 was ancient and eternal. But the cards do come with their own symbolic backgrounds, which I've tried to pick up on in some later drafts. Stay tuned to see!

Rio- you're very right in many ways! But I went with a fox. ;) I'm not at all sure about the backgrounds right now-- what do you think?