Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Free Swag! For You!

Well, in theory, anyway. It could be for you!

I'm in another feature/giveaway, this time over at the lovely Recupe's womenpreneur-galore site:


You all know how this works, right? Go and comment? It looks like Recupe might actually get people who don't already know my shop commenting--which is sort of the point-- but I'd love it if one of my blog-faithful won. So go! Comment! Comment for your very lives, mortals! Or at least, comment for a piece of free art.

And because I hate promo-only posts, and am otherwise very boring today, a picture of a regimental beetle:

I have stacks of old National Geographic magazines around, because the photos are wonderful creativity prompts, and the articles are reassuring proof that Science Marches On, even in a five to ten year span. The cover to one is this very colorful shiny beetle with some impressive mandibles. And I wanted to draw the beetle, but then I realized that in that undershot, it had kind of a mustache, and well...now it's turning into a Modern Major Beetle Bug. So, this undersketch.


Sue said...

ooooh...love Regimental bee! Off to check out the link you supplied and to comment.


Carapace said...

Thank you, Sue! I think I'll have to do something with General Beetles, really...

TiLT said...

woo hoo! fre Cara stuff!
off I go...

btw - love the first tag for this post

Princess Caitlin said...

Hey! Just stopping by to say thanks for entering my giveaway last week. :D I had a lot of fun reading all the comments and suggestions! Drop in again sometime!


Carapace said...

I know I posted here...my own blog is bouncing me! Aiieee!

TilT, thanks for coming by! I always feel awkward with my promoing stuff, but hey, giveaways are friendly, right?

Princess-Nice to see you here!