Sunday, November 2, 2008

Daily Sketch: Glenda

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Ok, now to the blather!

When working monochrome, how could I possibly skip Oz? People who only know from the movie don’t know this, but Oz was distinctive for being multiply monochrome. The Munchkin country was all blue, the Winkies were entirely yellow, and the Quadlings, lead by Glenda, were all red.

Glenda was so awesome. I love the movie, I love the music from Wicked (and so wish I didn’t, when it starts circling my head at 3 am…) but I could learn to despise them both for what they’ve done to Glenda. Blonde? Frilly? Giggly? None of that. Glenda throughout the 14 Baum books is dignified, wise, and thoughtful. She always wears very plain gowns, with only one or two plain accessories, like a pendant or circlet. And because she’s a Quadling, she’s RED HAIRED. Argggh! The Oz books didn’t usually get too specific in description, but is one single color per quadrant so blinking hard to remember?

Her magic wand isn‘t the most impressive tool she uses. Her Book is. Glenda’s Book is sort of a printed internet news feed, constantly updated with everything that happens in the world every moment. It’s huge, and dense, and she knows how to find useful information in it. An introverted serious researcher with no interest in glamour, Glenda is the Nerd Witch. She was one of my many heroes in those books, and an essential part of the Oz worldview that power came from knowledge.

Well, and from two X chromosomes. Women rule in Oz. If you haven’t read the books yet, you really should. They are gloriously weird. If you have to ask me who wrote them, I may weep for your childhood.


Anonymous said...

Weep for me none, though I did not read these books, I was/am an avid lover of reading. As an elementary school student, I was permitted by my parents to read early. I was an early riser, 3 a.m.ish, so I would lay in bed and read until everyone else was up.

Your art is wonderfilled.


storybeader said...

I think your Glenda looks just fine in red!

Mannie Vincent said...

YAY! A sketch from Oz! I was in the play when I was younger! It was so fun! I love all the Oz stories! You did wonderful with Glenda; she looks fabulous all in red and nerdy!

<3 Mannie

TiLT said...


TNT2008 said...

Isn't it great to have heroines? And ones that are wise/nerdy?

Rose Works Jewelry said...

That's awesome! I really want to re-read the books :)

Carapace said...

Nope Tulip, still weeping for your childhood.;) Because you missed not just the stories, but the really great art! If you like my stuff, you'd love John R. Neill.
I never was an early riser, for any money- but a late night reader, oh yeah. My folks didn't care how long I stayed up reading, as long as I stayed quiet.

Story- yeah, what's wrong with red? Redheads are usually pretty well loved in fantasy.

Mannie- What was your role in the play? That must have been so exciting for you!

Tilt- Thankee!

TnT- It is indeed great to have heroines! Especially when they aren't The Girl in a book full of guys.

Roseworks, they're well worth re-reading. Every time I do, I find new oddities I'd forgotten about.

rubyredrose said...

Weep for my childhood. WEEP I SAY~!

...I ONLY read Tolkein, Le Guin, McKillip, and Carroll instead. I did read one Oz book, and the ONLY thing I remember is someone had a pumkin head?

Carapace said...

Yes Ruby, I do weep! And what's the "instead" nonsense? It's "also"-- you read Tolkien, Carroll, Leguin, and McKillip *also*.

Though I admit, no McKillip here. I'll read a McKillip book if you'll read some Oz, deal? Which one should I start with?

Also: Yes! Jack Pumkinhead, who replaces his head when it goes mushy and worries about pumpkin-eaters. Hurrah for the weirdling kid's books!