Thursday, November 6, 2008


Well, I had hoped to post up some more sketches, and I can still hope, I guess, but Blogger's been borked since Tuesday. And frankly I've been pretty out of it since Tuesday, what with the celebrating (yes, the Big One! But also my dear local rep got reelected, and I know and like them, so Yaaaay!)

So I'm just posting to say I'll be gone this weekend! Friday I'm heading out to the Texas Renaissance Festival, the biggest and best darn Renfair in these here Yew-nited States. Yeehaw! I'll just be a visitor, of course, because I don't have anything like the sales rep to vend there. Maybe in the next decade.

Stories, sketches and whatnots next week, I pinky-swear promise!


Mannie Vincent said...

Next week I am taking you up on your pinky swear! I want to see pictures of the Ren Fair! Have fun girl!

K said...

Have fun! Also, this is rubyredrose, apparently blogger hates LJ now. T_T

CB said...

Have lots of fun, and I can't wait to see the pictures. :)