Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gibsonton Girl 2: A Leg and A Cat

No time for chit-chat, girls, I'm posting before I head to the Day Job! So let's get this sketch a goin':

Like the Bike Girl before her, this young woman has found a way to make life better through technology. It's not just the walking aroound bit, though she won't lie, that's nice. It's being able to have all sorts of ridiculously intricate shoes all ready to go on interchangeable legs, so all she has to do in the mornings in pop the right pair on her knees.

The cat was born without a tail, and is naturally very envious of other cats. He too is enjoying his mechanical accessory.

Colored and inked on my dear sweet Cintiq.


Mannie Vincent said...

Oh Cara... This might just be my favorite (except for my bday sketch, of course)!! You ideas are fabulous! I love her hair!!!!!!!!! And I wish I had her sweater!! Great job, lovie!

uniquecommodities said...

well aint that sexy! LOL

Carapace said...

Mannie- Thank you! I like this one too. I need to make more of my modified lassies, I think.:) I want to do an ACEO series with them.

I want her sweater too. Well, a green version, but you know what I mean.:)

Unique-hey, you think us damsels in prosthetics can't get the boys?;) Trust me, their eyes never get to the feet. Well, except for a few very specific fellows.

Rose Works Jewelry said...

LOL - your awesome! I love the way your mind works :)

GrandmaMarilyns said...

Interesting concept, Cara.