Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And There Was Much Rejoicing

I'm back! I had a fantastic time at the fair-- many shows were seen, many pictures taken, much fabulous weather enjoyed. I have achieved Hey It's You status with the Ren crowd- no one exactly knows me, but the regulars all recognize me from somewhere, and worry if they don't see me at least once a season. That's just the level of familiarity I like- recognition with anonymity! Aaah! Oh, and the kids this year--
But this is not the post for Ren stuff, because I am still processing the photos. This post is to welcome the newest addition to my household:

The Curlycue mug!

As longtime readers of this blog will remember, I lost my favorite mug to time and trouble earlier this year. There was great sadness and wailing and gnashing of teeth. Even more so when I went looking for a replacement, and found that green is apparently not a popular mug color, and small elegant cups are apparently a rare commodity anyway.
But lo! Just as I was about to give up, Black Dachsund Potter came to my rescue! Look at that mug! Two glazes, lots of texture, a unique handle that fits just perfectly against my fingers- and you would not believe how lightweight it is. And like all good ceramics, it doesn't flavor my tea. That would be yucky.

What's that? You want a sketch? Demanding crowd!;) I'm still recovering from the fair though (it is possible I had Too Much Fun) so you'll have to settle for this:

A wee witchy who got lost on her way to Halloween. Now I fear she will have to be a November Witch, and those poor lasses get a bad name,all because a few sailors don't know enough to get out of the weather.

I should note that the coloring on this was done with a mouse, while my dear huband has the Cintiq. Hence the sucking.


TiLT said...

Love your line "recognition with anonymity"...that is so me. Glad to hear the fair was good & that you found The Mug :) I don't know what hubby would do if something happened to his.

Lost witches - how sad. But she looks good - minus Cintiq and all (I am assuming that is some sort of program gizmo...I am never good with tech terms - it's always 'that thingy' and the long pointy thing that glows')

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I love that line too - the "recognition with anonymity" it's wonderful!

That coffee mug looks fantastic! And your sketch is cute even if you had to use the mouse :P

uniquecommodities said...

Nice! Love your pieces and glad you had fun! I hope you will blog about the experience!

Mannie Vincent said...

Oh, what a great mug! I'm totally jealous! And the idea of your sketch is adorable.. being late for Halloween.. it just love it! Glad to have you back (:

Carapace said...

The Cintiq is my Magic Paper. Seriously. It's a computer screen I can draw on, directly on, with the accompanying pencil and the graphics software of my choice. I am not yet worthy of it, hence all the practice sketches-- but you see how awesome it is, even for a scrub like me.
It is seriously out of my price range too, and therefor goes down as the Best Birthday Present Ever.

Roseworks- Thanks, after getting used to the Cintiq, coloring with just my touchpad was like trying to paint with my teeth!

Unique- Thank you! I surely will blog about the fair, but I want some pics to go with it.:)

Mannie- I'm sure Dachsund would be happy to make you a muggy too!

And I'm glad to be back! Oh internet, I think I missed you most of all!;D

CC said...

Cool mug!