Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cat in Green

This year we have a acquired a new cat, and lost my old beloved graukatze. The new cat is not MY cat, and cat people will know what that means, but she is an entertaining wee beastie nonetheless. I expect I will be drawing much feline hijinkery in the months to come, since winter is cat-snuggling time.

I do not look anything like this. But I do have similar clothing, and I wanted to draw a scene instead of just a portrait. It happens.

Cats also do not look anything like this, I am aware. Man, the extent to which I have let my drawing practice lapse...!


uniquecommodities said...

Still a GREAT sketch Cara! You ought to post a pic of yourself so we can see the real green Cara! :)

Rose Works Jewelry said...

It's still really cute - quit knocking your own work!

Mannie Vincent said...

Looking good!! ♥Mannie

Carapace said...

Unique- thank you! but no pics of me, that's a rule. I am, at this point, not sure WHY it's a rule, but so it is!

I assure you that in real life, I am tragically not green skinned. Though that would be awesome.

Your photo is very nice, though- you've got such a great smile!

Roseworks-Trust me, I'm not knocking my work! I'm just being stern with myself, and trying to fight my entropic tendencies. No slack! Bad Cara!

Mannie- thanks, dear!

agoodwitchtoo said...

Everyone is their own worst critic...

Looks great to me, Cara!